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  1. Taking a few pictures with my iPhone against the lens.
  2. Thanks for your info , wonder if Saturn will be the same ?
  3. Will the 9mm be ok for seeing Jupiter?
  4. Thanks for your advice mate , just purchased myself a 9mm celestron onmi eyepiece from Amazon £25 which isn't bad , fingers crossed it's ok with a 2xbarlow
  5. Hi everyone I've got myself a 114mm 1000mm Helios telescope, I've got a 2xbarlow , 12mm , and a 20mm cheap lenses . I'm looking to get myself a few new lenses , I'd like to get the best out of my telescope, I'm keeping my 2x barlow but getting rid of the rest and getting some better ones,what size lenses should I get? Thanks everyone
  6. Hey everyone just been my first telescope but haven't got any lenses yet, what would I need? Thanks
  7. Rapidaz

    Hi everyone

    Skywatcher HERITAGE-130P Dobsonian Telescope It's the scope I'm getting but just I worried about light pollution , there's a lot where I live . So if I got a 90mm refactor insted would that be better?
  8. Rapidaz

    Hi everyone

    Hi everyone , I'm Aaron 36 from tamworth , I've always been interested in astronomy and I've decided to buy myself my first telescope , I know I've join this site but I'm looking for advice for a first telescope and hope to make new friends
  9. Hi everyone I'm new to all this . I've always been interested in astronomy , thanks for all your advice I'm not going to be traveling anywhere yet , just star gazing from my back garden
  10. Hi I've got a budget of £150 to spend , I've change my mind so many times on what my first telescope should be , any help will do . Thanks
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