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  1. Evening folks,

    I have been looking at installing a new sensor into my webcam and have been doing a bit of research. I have got as far as sourcing a new sensor at the moment! Can anyone confirm whether I have got the pin layout below correct and whether its as simple as removing the old CCD and and soldering in the new one?


    1-> 5
    2 > 6
    3 > 1 + 2
    4 > 3 + 4
    5 > 7
    6 > 10
    7 > 8
    8 > 9
    9 > -.
    10 > 11
    11 > -.
    12 > 12
    13 > 13
    14 > 14

  2. Sorry folks. Its 4 x 2 minute images at ISO1600 using a Skywatcher startravel 80 on a EQ5 and a Canon EOS digital Rebel. Fairly modest Equip. Hopefully Flats will help make the sky look a little darker. I think overdid the curves a little as its slightly brighter in the centre of the image?

  3. I have recently bought a startravel 102 and this is my first deep sky attempt. Only one image, 2 min exposure with Canon rebel and a bit of tinkering in photoshop. Comments would be welcome!!


  4. Good Evening,

    I have recently been reading about Apodizing screens and have been looking at how to make one. Can anyone recommend a material to use? Most of what I have been reading makes reference to US Window Screens? What UK equivilant could I use?:D

  5. Hello Folks,

    Please could someone tell me about EP projection and Prime focus. Have just bought a modded Vesta and have been reading up on imaging and came across these phrases?

    Currently using a Skywatcher Skyhawk 114 with a 1.5 Barlow and imaging saturn. Have managed to sharpen my pics by stacking more data, but dont have much detail - no bands

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