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  1. Weather forecast predicts that next three days are going to be the only clear days in next two weeks. And why? Because it´s a full moon!

  2. Anyone watching Slooh pitbull asteroid livestream?

  3. Also: is it just me or is there something faint just below M110?
  4. Wow, that's absolutely stunning! Good job
  5. Neighbour's cats-always giving me a heart attack. And street light standing exactly in front of our gate blocking out whole Eastern skies.
  6. Also, which eyepiece will give better apparent FOV: 40mm 42° PL or 32mm 52° PL?
  7. I've been thinking a lot recently about buying a wider field ep than I have now (25mm 52° Plossl). I've already found some which looked acceptable, but before final decision I wanted to ask-do you have any experience with wide field low power eps? Can you recommend any to me? And also, what do you think about 32mm PL? Since my funds are a bit limited right now, I'm looking for something cheaper than around 40-50 €. Or maybe I should wait and save? Thanks, any advice is valuable.
  8. I was using my 25mm Plossl as it is the one with the lowest power I have. I´m planning to buy an OIII/UHC filter and some wider field ep. I´m already pumped to see it this night. It is really a beautiful sight and I can´t wait to see it in wide field and/or with filter.
  9. Edit: Also, few meteors were visible. The brightest was about mag -4 or -5 and left a long tail behind it. Guessing it´s the leftovers from Perseid meteors.
  10. Yesterday, it was another clear night here. I tried to see Veil nebula (eastern part) on few occasions and repeatedly failed. But now, I decided, I´ll try everything to make myself ready. So I let the scope cool down, waited until my eyes were adapted and the sky was as dark as possible, blocked out all street lights and carefully started star-hopping (started from epsilon Cygni). Until finally- success! I saw something which looked like a big, curved nebulosity extending way beyond FOV of my ep, faint but obvious (actually, it was brighter and easier to see than i expected.). Even though it w
  11. I remember seeing M13 with my first 80mm refractor. It looked like a bright smudge with few stars but I literally shed a single tear. It had the most "WOW" effect on me of all sights.
  12. Newbie question - Can anyone please explain to me, what is FCM coating?
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