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  1. Hi glowjet, I live quite close to the observatory in mill hill,do u use it?
  2. Hi Hugo Edgware stargazer here,welcome to SGL Regards Dave
  3. Hi guys, Thanks for all the welcomes,you guys and gals??? sure are a friendly bunch
  4. Thanks for that Lee I well might take you up on your offer, Regards Dave
  5. Thanks for that Paul,il do that tonight,and report back
  6. That looks good fun,going to give that a go. My 6 year old,is fascinated with astronomy,and getting across how big it all is,is frankly proving difficult. Thanks for this suggestion bigmac
  7. Hi guys, Went to Greenwich planetarium last week,got to admit,bit disappointed,the guy spent far too much time talking about the stories about signs of the zodiac,and very little time,on the planet's,and other galaxies etc. Anyway,can anybody recommend another planetarium,for me and the kids Thanks in advance
  8. That's true floater,cheers.
  9. Hi damnut, Just downloaded app to phone,looks good,cheers. Thanks for all these welcomes ,sure a friendly bunch Regards Dave
  10. Thanks Sirius, looking forward to checking out the crowd
  11. Ha ha RIP mork eh Live in Edgware,skies better than most of London
  12. Hi Peter, Nice to meet you
  13. That's good to know cj,I've got a 3,and 6 year old,and they've got plenty of questions
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