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  1. Having not had my telescope for long, I've only been using it in my back garden at the minute which is pretty dark anyway, but now I'm getting used to driving it, I'm hoping to take it out onto Bodmin moor and really make the most of the dark skies!
  2. Awesome picture! I live in Bodmin, about 10 mins drive from the moors so hopefully will be catching images like this soon! Very lucky to be near such dark skies!
  3. I'm using the Skywatcher Mercury 607. I had a little go at capturing some images just by holding my phone up to the EP, but eventually want to get an adapter for my dslr.
  4. cmaxx

    First Images

  5. Great post and good to see what sort of images my beginners telescope can achieve!
  6. Ok so having only just got my first ever telescope a few weeks ago as a birthday present and being sat out in my back garden getting to grips with it and learning my way around the sky and general star gazing. I had a great view of the moon from my easterly facing patio and focussed in on it and had my first really exciting moment just by seeing the shadowing across the craters and other surface markings! Hopefully I'll have many more of these moments! I know it's fairly basic stuff, but thought I'd share!
  7. Slowly getting used to all the equipment and been lucky to get clear skies for 3 nights in a row! (not tonight though!) Spent the nights experimenting with my new scope and exploring the sky. Got some good views of Aquila, Cepheus and Lyra from my back garden! Luckily my house is only around 10 mins from Bodmin Moor in Cornwall so hoping to get up there soon! Thanks again guys for your advice!
  8. Thanks for the help! Can't wait to use it for the first time! I do have the 90o star diagonal I forgot to include that in my original post!
  9. Hi all, After a lot of me mentioning telescopes and considering buying one, my wife got the SkyWatcher 607 for my birthday, which I am over the moon with! It's all set up and waiting in my dining room for a clear night (hopefully tonight!) In the box it has 2 eyepieces 10mm and 20mm, x1.5 erecting eyepiece and a x2 Barlow lens 1.25". As a complete newbie, this is all a bit confusing so thought I'd post on here to get advice of what the best uses are for the lens and any tips! Thanks in advance for your help! I cant wait to get started!
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