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  1. To take an image do I need a certain telescope, something to put on the eyepiece, or just a separate piece for imaging? I've recently started observing and I'm looking for new things to keep me interested[emoji2]
  2. Also, no it didn't come with a barlow lens and so far the only one I looked at was about 50 us dollars (I'm from Connecticut) so that will have to wait a bit.
  3. I'm so happy I made an account here you guys are so quick and freaking awesome! I'll be sure to look into the book. Thanks everyone for the advice. It's stuff I was never able to find with just a Google search and now I really seeing myself pursing this hobby.
  4. If anyone could answer this that would help. Like I said I have 700mm telescope and a 10mm eyepiece. Too see farther I would need a stronger telescope (say 1000mm) and a smaller mm lense? Sounds like a dumb question lol but I'm extremely new
  5. Ronin would you happen to have a link where I could look into getting a better lense? I don't know where to start. I'd like to get several eye pieces to see whatever I can. I also intend on getting a better telescope at some point because I really would like to see much of what the universe offers.
  6. Also if someone could tell me a stronger lens to purchase to help me see deeper things that would also be appreciated
  7. And I'm looking for any tips someone can give me on spotting cool things. I have an astromaster LT 76 AZ by celestron. D=76mm and F=700mm with a 10mm and a 20mm eyepiece. Any tips are appreciated. [emoji2] [emoji573] [emoji287]
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