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  1. The camera has bayer matrix for the color so you get a monochrome image until you enable debayering (aka Demosaic in oaCapture). You'll need to chose the bayer format in the Demosaic settings.
  2. Existing rotator use a small magnet with a hall effect sensor to home the rotator on power up.
  3. You might want to take a look at this : https://github.com/cytan299/field_derotator
  4. This command put the controller in a spacial mode that seems to reset the internal counter to the give tick value. As there is no actual documentation of their protocol and this is all done via reverse engineering the communication that was the conclusion I came to after sniffing the traffic from the ASCOM driver to the controller. As told you via message, if you're building you own controller I would recommend you use another protocol than the maxdome II like the NexDome, Rigel rotation drive unit for Pulsar dome, Technical Innovations Digital Dome Works, ... as these are fully documented and a lot easier to implement.
  5. So you're talking about the MaxDome II ( from Diffraction Limited )plugin ... not the DomePro2 (from Astrometric Instruments). You might want to open a dedicated thread for that (and I'll be more than happy to answer your question to the best of my abilities). Rodolphe
  6. I finished the X2 plugin for the Astrometric Instruments DomePro2 ( http://www.astrometric.com/products/dome-control/). It's available on my site as usual : https://rti-zone.org/macosx_x2dome_plugins.php. The only thing that hasn't been fully tested is the gauging for the CPR but as it reads the one already set on the controller this doesn't prevent anything from working (this will be tested soon on a real dome and fixed if needed). Enjoy ! Rodolphe
  7. I do have a field flattener, the TSFALT2 on a 102ED APO with 714mm focal length that gives me 111mm of backfocus, my imaging train, including the Pyxis, is 84.1 mm So it all depends on the field flattener you're using (of FR)
  8. I use an Optec Pyxis 2" rotator.
  9. If you go to the sourceforge repo and dig inside the Documentation : https://sourceforge.net/projects/arduinomysqmskyqualitymeter/files/mySQMPRO/Documentation/ The "mySQMPRO.pdf" has all the build instruction (multiple schematics, ...). You can also find the Schematics in https://sourceforge.net/projects/arduinomysqmskyqualitymeter/files/mySQMPRO/Schematic and Layout/ Rodolphe
  10. So here is my first test with the Atik 16200 mono. The imaging condition are not optimal as I image in my front yard, next to a street light that uses broadband LED, I also have a few power lines, phone, other cables ... but there it is : https://rti-zone.org/astro/dso/m27/M27_2017_09_23.png You can get the imaging details on this page : https://rti-zone.org/astro_dso.php (first one on the page ) Rodolphe
  11. Good point Nick. I have one here mostly for dev but I understand your concern regarding fan vibration and thermal throttled. Rodolphe
  12. If you need more power that the C2, the ODROID-XU4 has gigabit ethernet and usb3 and more raw power.
  13. I would think that sourceforge would have multiple data center, dually powered rack with different power rail, and announce their IP space through different tier 1 ISP via BGP .. with all the adds and other crap they are putting on their page these days .. Rodolphe
  14. Looks like the sourceforge page is no longer there : https://sourceforge.net/projects/arduinoascomfocuser/ This returns a 404 !!
  15. I've posted a few recent update to some plugin : - MaxDome II : I fixed the calibration and Sync. I now have a MaxDome II card for testing so this is a lot easier to debug (I'll have to return it at some point to the nice person lending it to me). - NexDome : I fixed a few bugs and also fixed a few issues that showed up with the new NexDome firmware (1.10). Latter I'll add a few things to the settings dialog for the few new commands of the new firmware. Rodolphe
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