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  1. No problem. There is no emergency. Thanks again Rodolphe
  2. If you're planning on just using OS X it depends on what astronomy equipment you have. I do all my astronomy on OS X and mostly use TheSkyX Pro to drive all of my equipment (see list in my signature). So the answer depends on your equipment. You might also want to take a look at INDI on OS X : Regards, Rodolphe
  3. Unfortunately this version no longer works for me (OS X + ZWO ASI174MC). Your previous 1.0.0 beta you sent me was working better. If I chose ZWOASI I get 95 fps but no actual preview no matter what exposure time I chose (so even with 1000 ms it says 95 FPS). If I chose ZWOASI2 I get different amount of FPS with is always above the Max FPS (should not be possible) and garbled data in the preview. Rodolphe
  4. Yes this was on 0.9.0 I use Lynkeos for the stacking and it uses ffmepg to load the file, so whatever ffmpeg supports will work in my case, but probably not for everybody. I'll gladly try your test version. Also using ROI I was able to get a very high FPS with very little dropped frame. So that is a very positive things for planetary imaging. I hope to get the full 128 FPS at full frame size for solar/lunar imaging as this was the main reason for buying this camera (big pixel = bigger FOV on my 102ED = full frame Sun/Moon). I might get an ASI 290MC for pure planetary latter. Thanks Rodolphe
  5. Ok so more data point (with positive outcome ). On the same machine directly on one of the Mac Mini USB3 port, it works but drops a lot of frame (MAX FSP is 125, Actual is 85). On the same machine, on one of the Thunderbolt docking station (Belkin) USB3 port, it doesn't work (MAX FSP is 125, Actual is 0). -> in this mode is does work in AstroLive USB and TheSkyX Pro (and PHD2). On the same machine, on one of the USB3 port of my monitor integrated USB3 HUB, it works but drops a lot of frame (MAX FSP is 125, Actual is 85). On My MacBook Pro Retina, it works (MAX FSP is 100, Actual is 100, few dropped frame from time to time). So it's not all negative (I suspect the Belkin Thunderbolt docking station port are the issue as they are not real full speed USB3 bit only 2.5Gbps max). A few more things common to both machines : If I click on the 16 bit checkbox, FPS drop to the floor ! (MAX FSP is 125, Actual is 22) The camera has 2 modes, 12 and 10 bits, how do I select between the 2 ? Binning 2x2 works but doesn't give me any speed increase. So overall, good result with a few things to look into. I'm mostly concerned about the FPS as the camera is supposed to do 128FPS in full res 12 bit and 164 in 10 bit mode. In both case the CPU cores are nowhere close to be saturated, they went to about 50% on the mac Mini (Core i7 quad core at 2.6GHz) and 35% on the MacBook Pro (Core i7 quad core at 2.8GHz) (using MenuMeters). Which mean the CPU is not the limiting factor for the FPS. Regards, Rodolphe
  6. Hello James. I just got my new ASI 174MC-Cool and it's not recognized by oaCapture (OS X El Capitan) : Unrecognised camera 'ZWO ASI174MC-Cool' Unrecognised camera 'ZWO ASI174MC-Cool' libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile unknown camera type -1. Using limited resolutions The camera works with Astrolive USB and TheSkyX Pro, so I know it works But none of the 2 application above are meant for planetary imaging. Regards, Rodolphe
  7. I've been working on a X2 Dome plugin for TheSkyX Pro OS X, but as I don't have access to the hardware, I can't fully test it. So I'm looking for someone that has the dome add-on and a MaxDome II and would be willing to test my X2 plugin. The plugin is available on my website : Thanks, Rodolphe
  8. I never tried it. I don't have a ZWO camera yet, but will soon and was hoping this software would be the way to go. May be you could contact the author ( ). I'm sure he can help.
  9. Have you tried Astrolive : There is a free version for ZWO ASI Camera users.
  10. Brilliant. Are you going to sale these ?
  11. Today I took time to make a webpage on my site for it : Regards, Rodolphe
  12. Hello. I recently got a Flat-Man from Optec and as I'm a Max OS X user I decided to write an application to control it. I've tested it with my Flat-Man but can't test it with a Flip-Flat. The code is in but if someone has a Flit-Flap and want to test the open/close part that would help as I suspect some part might not quite work as expected. You can find the current version here : It should work on OS X 10.7 and up but if it doesn't let me know and I'll try to fix it (I no longer have anything bellow 10.10). Regards, Rodolphe
  13. It's usually from the thread. For the Canon you just need the regular T-Ring adapter and it'll put you exactly at 56mm ( something like this one : ). And yes for the ATIK you'll need the 56-18 = 38mm spacer. Rodolphe
  14. I ran into a similar problem with my Feather Touch and a RoboFocus and went the 3D printer route for this : I since have replaced the RoboFocus with a QuickSync FT motor.
  15. I've ordered my telescope and should have it in about 2 months. Catalin is a pleasure to work with and will make all the customization I asked for as well as help be rework my imaging train to fit their field flattener in it (130 mm backfocus) and keep everything within the 200mm of backfocus needed on this telescope (10" f/8 RC) Rodolphe