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  1. Got up around 4ish for my second go and the sky was much more clearer with the moon gone.Orion was in plain view so a spent a while in that area just star hopping back and for.Noticed an area that looked different just under Orions belt I thinks it was m42 /m43 according to goggle sky maps(unsure confirmation needed).Then the stars of the show(or should I say planets) popped up over the roof and all I can say is wow.I was blown away with what I could actually see.Jupiter was by far my favourite with its colour and I could make out 3 moons I think 2 on 1 side and 1 on another. So all in all very happy with my first light.As for stars I think I expected more but wasn't disappointed,m42/3 very intriguing but unsure and well the planets a big WOW
  2. Just had a little look at the moon and was impressed.As for anything else I just had quick hop around at visable stars to try and get the feel for the scope.I'm putting my alarm on for around 3ish now to have another look.As this is my first time I don't really know what to expect.Will the stars be just bright dots or will I be able to see more detail?
  3. Wait for the kids to go to bed then I'm out for first light hopefully the clouds will stay away
  4. Without sounding thick will I be able to tell the difference between andromeda and a star that's close by
  5. At the moment I'm only looking at Google sky maps on my phone as my I'm having a minor issue with my laptop.Yes Polaris is just above my roof so I see ursa major then right around SE and South
  6. Just looked and cassiopeia is at the front of my house lol.Maybe I should have mentioned I can just about see Polaris and my garden faces SE
  7. With some clear sky's I'm about to test drive my new scope(skywatcher 200p Don).As total beginner with only the supplied eps what can I expect to see with fairly Lp sky's.At the moment I'm just going to star hop but was looking for some guidance Thanks Billy
  8. Thanks Charic for your time and info it's helped me a great deal
  9. As I'm storing mine in the shed should I take it into the house with caps off for it to dry for a bit then caps on to store it
  10. Yes shed is dry plus I'm going to build its own storage area out of plastic that should keep the spiders at bay. What about after viewing with my scope can I just pop the caps back and store straight away?
  11. Is it ok to store my telescope in my concrete shed? What are the pros and cons for this action and will it have any detrimental on my scope.
  12. At the moment the sky isn't looking to good but you never know. Sent from my HTC One_M8 using Tapatalk
  13. Thanks for all of your tips much appreciated but as I've been waiting for my scope I've been reading through this forum picking up a lot of good advice and info. So theoretically(and I'm using the term theoretically loosely) I know what to do I just got to put it into practice.As for EPs it all about a tight budget at the moment so I'll have to make do with what I got.
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