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  1. In sony remote, I have to hold the shutter button down, and when I let go, it finishes the picture. That seems to work fine. PHDMAX seems to take 1 picture. then do nothing after, even though I set it to multiple exposures.
  2. Yes, it is on bulb, and NR is off. It only seems to take 1 picture. then waits forever
  3. Hi Mark, That at least would solve the exposure time issue. Although when I try PHD Max, and put in multiple nbr, number of shots. For some reason it takes the first one, then just hangs and does not stop either. is this a glitch in the code or a setting? almost seems like a code glitch
  4. the sony app, has bulb, but you have to hold the button down manually. how are you getting past 30 second exposures since you can't input the bulb seconds manually?
  5. Does anyone know of anything that can control the a7s tethered? in my research, this is what I found out. I can't seem to find much to control the a7s. And I noticed APT is possibly supporting it in the future. But for now, I found 2 utilities. One being the sony app. it will do sequencing with multiple shots. But bulb doesn't allow manual input of seconds. the other is Phase one, Capture one pro 8.1 and above for sony. This will do tethered live view, and all the manual settings as well. But I have not figured out how to input bulb seconds and not sure if it allows it on that app either. If you can, it at least gives you the ability to live view tethered and take shots through your scope. But can't shoot in sequence of frames, I don't think, and not sure about manual bulb input. I noticed some cooled and modified a7s's for sale. But what are they using to tether with and take the shots?
  6. what about the thickness? I noticed people using different nm sizes
  7. What about filter brands? are they all comparable, or any specif ones I should be looking at?
  8. it's the original 300 seconds, iso 800 ED 127mm scope advanced vx mount
  9. I am still figuring things out. And my next step is going to be going mono And I will need to purchase filters. The question that is going through my mind is when to use LRGB and when to use Narrowband. From what I gathered, Narrowband takes longer, but is much better in getting data, especially with light pollution. So my first thought is to get narrowband filters. But I'm not sure if there are times you want to use narrowband, and times you want to go LRGB. any info on this would be helpful
  10. This is interestin I went out tonight and took some ha on my canon 7D full spectrum. removed the red channel and stretched it Noises is horrible, but here is one. doesn't much look like the pictures I usually see. I think the mono has less noise, and the resolution of course is higher without the bayer
  11. bwa, You might be right about the radio analogy. But probably not at this point. But could be very soon for all we know. But then, I've never tried a good ccd, or mono, or a a7s, so what do I know. No, your supposed to give it to me for free, cuz I'm special! lol
  12. I still think Molly (Mono and Olly) is normal, and a7s is flipped. But I really want to try one out just to see it in action
  13. I was doing a lil research You can use the sony software to capture sequences tethered, and you can use capture pro 8.1 for sony to use it's live view tethered. not as nice as something like APT, but it would get the job done tethered to a laptop. All I need is bwana to give me his a7s : O)
  14. so did anyone ever figure out who is flipped, and who is not?
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