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  1. 3 hours ago, assouptro said:

    Well done! 
    I’ve never done more than a 2 panel mosaic! 
    there’s loads going on!

    It would be cool to add some other filters to the mix and get a colour image! 

    Thanks for sharing 


    Thanks Bryan, I do have some RGB but it is not playing ball.

  2. TS IS 71 with QSI690 Ha.

    I have reduced this down to about 50%.
    5 x 600s for each pane of varying quality.

    APP for stacking and mosaic creation, PI & PS for prodding and poking.

    If anybody shows interest I will post the full size image.


    Do the clicky dance for full res.




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  3. On 27/10/2021 at 13:45, DrRobin said:

    Summer of 2018 while on holiday in Crete was my last solar imaging session, so once every couple of weeks definately beats mine.  Oh, I did photo the eclipse with my iPhone and a pair of solar glasses in June, does that count?

    Mind night time hasn't been much better, nothing in 2021 so far and only a couple of sessions in 2020.  I keep saying next weekend, I will blow the dust off the scope, but bad weather seems to occur.


    Good to hear you are planning to get bak into it

  4. Getting more difficult as it sinks lower in the sky.

    Lunt 60mm RFT Coronado D/S ZWO178 cam


    101 of 500 frames stacked in AS2 sharpened in IMPPG and further prodding and poking in PS


    Do the clicky dance for full res.




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  5. Not ideal conditions last night to say the least.

    I did not even bother to sort out the dross just stacked all 20  subs.


    TS71 QSI cam 3nmha filter 20 x 600s.


    looks like it could do with being one of those mosaic type things 😲




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