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Status Updates posted by Ibbo!

  1. Back to ST4 guiding and reduced the RMS by at least a third even in this wind.

    Ditched the USB hub and used a new USB cable and the "hatching"has gone from the image.

    Happy days .

    Now if only the cloud would do the decent thing.

  2. Yay up and running


  3. Another 5 hours of O3 tonight Reckon that will do.

    It may be getting time to swap over OTA's tomorrow as its galaxy season and 347mm fl is not going to do.


  4. 1st sub in - maybe only get a couple of hours tonight and the stars are trailed :hmh:


  5. Cleaned the ccd filters


  6. Was going to get the C11 out and do so looking through a scope but I have run out of daylight to get set up


  7. Off and running


  8. Off and running again and guess what - more squid but for a change of flavour its Ha tonight



  9. And we are off - more of that squid


    1. Uranium235


      Sucker for punishment! :D 

    2. Ibbo!


      Don't laugh too hard - you might be processing the slippeery swine


    3. Uranium235
  10. thought it was warming up dropped to -2°C at about 22-00 then warmed to 0.9°C at 00-00 and now down to -2.5°C


    1. Hawksmoor


      Very much a mixed bag of weather in Lowestoft. Some snow, the odd clear night with stars and a hard frost and then rain in torrents with thunder and lightning. Oh and one day we had a beautiful rainbow.


  11. Rosette in O3 to start with


  12. Time to pick a new target


  13. And we are off and unning .More squid O3 data.

    Cleaned filter and CCD taken flats - good grief thats likey to spoil things


  14. off to take some flats and stuff - Hope you are listening Rob :smile:

    1. Uranium235


      Good man! :D Its pretty much essential to help bring out the faint stuff! I was expecting some clear sky tonight, looks like that aint happening, and theres more snow tomorrow - so not much else to do here either!

    2. xtreemchaos


      well done mate , id hate to be mending burst tyres in this weather :icon_biggrin::help:.. charl.

  15. Another 6 hours to the Squid in O3

    Now on another faint object

  16. Topping up on the squid in O3 for a while then need to decide whats next

  17. I have data to process but cannot seem to get motivated to get on with it.

    It cannot be the light nights as there is a couple of days worth of solar to do as well.

    General Malaise has been and visited.

  18. More data on M82 tonight

    Also grabbing some Jupiter avi's - hope they are better than last nights

    1. Uranium235


      I gave up in the end mate, it didnt seem worth staying up til 2am just to grab half an hours worth of subs. Monday and Wednesday are looking clear too, and im off work til Thur so I'll leave it for another time. The subs I did get on Cygnus tonight were pants, they would have just damaged the project so I binned them.

    2. Ibbo!


      Thats a pity

      I'm still bashing away on M82, Jupiter though is a different matter

      Nearly time to pack up now though as things are getting worse _ I'm just waiting for the mutts come back in so I have a clear run to pack up


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