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  1. Still not doing the moon Might need a click or 2 for full res. 200mm Meade SCT using 2 different cams mono and colour Mono Chameleon cam Colour with the ZWO 178
  2. I use some Wychwwod Carp fishing boots with the liners. Recently I got some marino socks from mountain warehouse which are quite good. do not excede what i call "crictical sock mass" by squashing too many socks into your boots and losing the insulating air pockets.
  3. Hi William Yes I believe that is correct. The dew shield on mine does not slip back down the tube it just sags a bit. Drop an e-mail to FLO I am positive they will set your mind at rest.
  4. I have an early WO 132. I like my 132 now I have upgraded the focuser as the original stock focuser was very poor but I believe it is now sorted. The retractable dew shield is a bit floppy. Its a WO so its heavy and benefits from a lifting handle. If you want to use it with bino viewers its ideal. If you want to image with it you will need extensions ( in my case about 120mm) It will be back on the mount come galaxy season.
  5. Narrowband Hubble palette. Tak FS 102 reduced to 582 f/l QSI cam 12 x 1800sec ha 11x 1800 sec O3 10 x 1800 sec S2 Might need a click or 2 for full res
  6. I can use this sort of stuff https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9-GnQCRNm8
  7. Nor I. I will have to check that out. it needs updating to reflect the full dome projection anyway.
  8. Oh yes. i use full dome projection. www.astrosphere.org.uk
  9. I can asure it isn't. And it is not easy to fettle.
  10. Ibbo!

    Misty Luna

    Still don't do the moon Eddy the 80 with reducer ZWO 178 10% of 5000 frames prodded and poked in imppg and PS mght need a click or 2 for full res
  11. Mist came in . Carried on regardless. Just packed up. Mist clearing. Dropped to about -2.5°C but a good coating of frost.
  12. Sounds like the same short sighted attitude I had from the local councillor who put the phone down on me when I challenged his findings.
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