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  1. Finally got the FS 60 on the mount- what a faff it must be 3 years since I last used it and that was in imaging mode and it was loaned out for last 18 months so the bits and bobs to get it set for visual might have been used elsewhere. Conditions were not ideal bits of whispy clouds & haze and to be honest the scope was a touch awkward to use on the EQ6 as it is on the ext pillar so it is almost a tiptoe stretch the that eye thingy. First up Tak LE50 mm giving x7 to find them - yes it doubles up as a finder scope. So in went the 2.8Tak LE giving x127 and after a couple of minutes I thought I could split both pairs , down to the Ta 3.6MM LE giving x99 they were resolved, notched. Down to the 5mm Tak Le x71 elongated to unresolved. Nirvana 4mm elongated. Back to the 2.8 and yes they were both split. Will pop out a bit later if it is still clear/ish and it should be a little more comfortable to use. Edit back out using diagonal to help comfort no split with 2.8mm. Things learnt :- I need to be more comfortable when using eye thingies. I need to gather up all the scattered kit, adaptors etc. The 20mm Nag gives lovely wide field views and would be cracking at a dark site. The beer I had between sessions was not a great idea.
  2. There are on line blind plate solving pages . Try Astrometry.net
  3. About 200 000 km give or take a few thou
  4. It was roasting out there in our little sun trap, I think it got up to 39°C and the cam got up to 53°C There were over about 5 hours and cleared away before the rain and thunder and lightning. The seeing was not great so had to run through pipp as well. I retired at about 4-30 am Just got the overexposed discs to sort out now.
  5. Lunt 60mm double stacked with Rich Tuner Chameleon cam 200 frames prodded and poked inwith pipp, AS3, imppg and photoshop give it a click or 3 for full res Ha mono
  6. Just popped out and its lovely, not just the sky but it is nice and cool. Hoovered up the naked eye ones luna, jupiter and saturn earlier and now mars and venus . no chance of mercury as too many buildings in the way.
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