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  1. I just bought a 10 x 50 binocular to replace another that I wasn't happy with. I noticed that the oculars on the old ones were 15 mm in diameter, and the new ones were 20 mm. Does size make a difference? I haven't noticed any.
  2. I'm not totally convinced that the red shift equals expansion. Considering the distances and times involved, I'm not sure that the speed of light is a constant. This is only an uneducated guess by me.
  3. You could try contacting Orion directly at http://www.telescope.com/.
  4. A few days ago, the Moon, Mars and Venus made a beautiful display in the western sky as they set in concert in the evening. Last night, the moon had gone on its merry way, and I saw only Venus and Mars but they had changed position. Where Mars was above and to the left of Venus, it was now low and to the right. Armed with current knowledge of the solar system, it didn’t take long to figure out that the relative positions of the Earth, Venus and Mars had changed as they orbited the sun. I had the benefit of a three dimensional view and not a two dimensional one. But what of the ancient astronomers? What conclusions did they come to? I find the subject fascinating and must read more.
  5. The moon was set last night, but I did get a view of Mars and Venus together, and between them would neatly fit the orbit of earth. It just gives you a liitle different perspective in how we fit into the scheme of things.
  6. I have a way around that. Microsoft Works has a word processor. Create a desktop icon to it, and type your message there. It spell checks and you can edit all you like. When you're happy with what you've written, cut and paste it onto SGL.
  7. Hello Cihan. If you like snow, come to the northeast US. We are buried. Temperature is at -10 C.
  8. I was thinking a DC generator. That's what was used to measure wind speed at one time. It would have to put out more than 12 volts of course.
  9. A DIY wind driven charger?? Just just an idea.
  10. I am in the same situation, wanting to upgrade from my 10x50’s, and getting lured by bigger is better. I’ll probably go for the 15x70’s so I can use the tripod I have with its weight limitations, and also the fact that the 15x70’s have the close focus where I can use them to observe the birds at my backyard feeders.
  11. Supposedly, the big bang has no center, which would mean there is no reference point for the universe. What about space-time? If space has no reference point, does time? The big bang occurred, but nowhere, and at no time? My head hurts. I think humans are really limited by their ability to perceive the universe around them, and postulate as best they can. We’ve all seen a dog sitting on his haunches looking up at his master with his head cocked to one side, as if to say “huh?” That’s how I view us.
  12. A refractor on an alt/az mount for ease of use as has been mentioned, plus an astronomy book at a kid’s level.
  13. I would remove the part completely, and use two part epoxy in the crack and push the edges together. Before it completely drys, you could then reenforce the crack by epoxying a small piece of metal over it if you like.
  14. I recently bought a 30 year old Tasco 4 ½ inch reflector, which had been poorly stored and was quite grubby. The mirrors cleaned up nicely, so mirrors are probably not as delicate as one might fear.
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