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  1. Can u recommend me any good finderscopes for the Meade Lightbridge 10" telescope because the red dot finderscope that comes with it is useless... Thank you
  2. So quite a long time ago i took photos of Jupiter with an ordinary camera which is not made for taking photos of the universe.I held the camera above the eyepiece and thats how I took the photos.I used a Maxvision 68 degree 16mm eyepiece. So i got a magnification of 79x.My question is that are these good photos is my scope as good as it should be? I used a Meade Lightbridge 10"
  3. I think its going to be something like a particle with a field or a particle and a wave(something like light,but u can see it and something to do with dark matter).
  4. Mass is a property that determines the bodyes resistence to beeing accelerated by force... So it has something to do with Mass.The Earth is an enormus object and of course its big and dense so it will have a big mass,an asteroid is small and isnt dense therefore it will have smaller mass.So what will have a stronger gravitational pull? The Earth of course...
  5. Mass has got something to do with it and density too you can have a lot of dense stuff and u can have less dense stuff (mass).
  6. I was just asking for gods sake.A mirror like mine costs 560 euros and I definetly wouldnt want to damage it.It looks as if 560 euros is nothing to you.I have taken my instrument outside a number of times to stargaze of course-nothing happened.I am gentle with it yes,because I want it to last me for the rest of my life.Im not too gentle though,I handle it like a pieace of glass not a diamond.Its funny cause in the manual (which is made by people that are quallyfyed to do this) tells me what to do,I follow this manual and I take care of the scope how it says in the manual-gently.So by what your
  7. So what is a field like a magnetic or gravitational one its invisible i know that,but u can see its effects.Since everything is made out of particles could even a magnetic/gravitational field be made out of some form of particles.Even electricity is a form of particle (electrons) so why cant an electric field be a particle.Or is it just energy which is invisible made out of nothing,but its there... and we dont understand it fully.
  8. It is a hair i used a fan to blow it off it didnt work so I got a paper towel and just slightly tryed to move it and it did,but i didnt get it off.Could I cause any damage to the mirror by using a fan for like 15 seconds on the coldest setting possible and by touching it with a paper towel?
  9. So gravitational fields attract everything because of the mass of the object creating it like the Earth,but then why does the heated core made out of a nickel-iron alloy increase this since gravitational fields are diffrent from magnetic fields?
  10. I would like to buy a 0,3 ND moon filter or a 0,6 ND moon filter,but I dont know which one to choose. I have a 10 inch scope the Moon is just too bright in the eyepiece of this scope. I want to use this filter on planets too... Which one should i choose?
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