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  1. i have a 25 metre HDMI leads that goes from the mount outside and plug in to my 49 inch smart tv controlling with a wireless mouse, its like NASA in the back room when i am imaging, i can send sub images by wifi from the mount to Laptop inside but in order to platesolve and all sub are usually stored on the sd card(wireless as well) kit Eagle Control Software Remote Dew Control Roger
  2. Wow does this work or what , thanks Olly. I increased the star detection to 40 as suggested and lost 19 subs out of 77 in Ha (9 before flip rest after)but nice result as below Processed a little in PS. Thanks again Olly, Roger
  3. What a wonderful first NB, Roger
  4. If you have a flatbox on the scope then it's impractical to focus for each filter for flats unless you have an auto focuser already with each offset, Roger
  5. One of my top ten favourite targets, well processed and love your stars, Roger
  6. love the colours and hues , well done, Roger
  7. i only use Fb to spread my images to my friends and family but i do not follow anyone so only my images appear on my timeline with a few selected astro posts about eclipses , supermoons etc. Roger
  8. answer from enquiry on FB: Chris Bailey It was discussed at Kelling but we all drank so much on Saturday afternoon/night I doubt any of us can remember what, if anything, was agreed . IF we do bring it back it will be UKAI Lite!
  9. Nice images , on the Pacman you seem to have the same green rings on larger stars ,with me it seems to be the green filter giving larger stars, i have messaged Baader thr makers for help why. Roger
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