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  1. Hi All Just thought I would share with you the first officially recognised dark sky site in Lancashire (Milky Way Class). Clerk Laither Lodge is just outside Clitheroe and offers some awesome views on clear nights for those in the North West that are looking for somewhere not too far to travel. I arrived unannounced at 11pm last night and was greeted in the car park by the owner who invited me in for a coffee and explained how they got their rating and what they were hoping for. After a brief 20 minute chat (lovely bloke), I was taken out to the field behind the B&B. WOW, having never seen the Milky Way before I was blown away (I know there are better locations out there, but this place is only an hour away for me). Several Perseids were also seen throughout the few hours I was there. I don't have the best equipment by any stretch of the imagination, and I'm sure if some of you guys visit the resulting images will be amazing, but here is my first ever Milky Way shot. I will definitely be going back!
  2. Thanks. Was looking at the ioptron skytracker too just for imaging and keep the scope just for viewing. I have t mounts, remote release etc for my camera to use with the scope but.....if this set up is only any good for the moon and general viewing I don't want to be throwing silly amounts of money at it just yet (until I have some idea what I am doing lol).
  3. Hi All I have the skywatcher 150p on the eq3-2 mount. Question is, if I buy the two tracking motors, do I need anything else for astrophotography? Read about auto guiders etc, but not sure whether just the motors will do what I want ie I can attach my camera, point at the object i want and the scope will follow that point in line with the earths rotation? Said it was a stupid question Thanks Keith
  4. Thanks guys. Doesn't help that there is a blumming street light right outside my house. Need to take a road trip to somewhere proper dark when I get my motor drives
  5. OK, so I know it's naff, but was a quick grab in my front garden last night. Think motorised tracking is high on my shopping list. This was a single exposure using an Olympus OMD EM5 x2 Barlow on Skywatcher 150P
  6. Thanks guys. First attempt really not worth posting lots and lots more practice required (which I knew from the outset). Here's hoping for some more clear skies. Spent hours in the garden with the wife just gazing upwards on a beautiful night on Monday. Keith
  7. Hi all. Complete newbie here, been reading for a while but hadn't signed up as didn't have a scope......but now I do looking forward to trying shooting with my dslr (hopefully tonight) in the absence of having a webcam set up and will post my probably terrible efforts soon lol
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