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  1. Canon: Error in PropID_SaveTo. Error: EDS_ERR_INVALID_HANDLE I get this message when I try use the focus tool in SGP. Anyone seen it and know how to beat it? The camera is definitely connected and there is even a save directory ready. But the focus tool apparently doesn't save any of the picture, it just shoots continuously for viewing purposes for focusing, right? But when I press start, I get this message pop up. I'm using a Canon 550D, an EQ6 and windows 7 with a 45 day trial of SGP. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the help everyone! I think I've got it sorted now
  3. That's it! I changed is to 12 from 3 and it worked. Thank you is there a way of setting that as default? Because whenever I reopen it or even tell it to park, it resets to 3.
  4. Ok so should I start over again with the set up? I remember having to rotate so the little circle is pointing downwards for some reason, I'm re-watching some youtube videos on the initial setup. Hopefully that will help because I really didn't want to be moving the graphic around. I would have to get it central again, and that takes ages
  5. I've recently bought an upgrade laptop and after a lot of faff managed to get it working, and controlling my EQ6 mount. The only problem is, when I use EQMOD to align, it moves the mount but not to the correct position. On the software I can see where the little Polaris circle within the larger circle should be positioned, but when the mount moves, it doesn't go to that position. Is this simply the aligner scope card (the bit you can remove and has the graphics of Polaris etc printed on it) not being in the correct orientation? It still works correctly with my old laptop, so it just a matter of totally forgetting about my old one, aligning with my new one and moving the alignment card to the position is should be, and then it will work? Sorry if I haven't explained myself very well, it's hard to do. Unfortunately I don't think pictures would be possible either, please ask if you would like me to re-expplain anything. Thanks
  6. A lot of good advice in here thank you very much guys! I will start going for 10 mins then, and just keep building up my collection until I have hopefully enough to produce something great The link you posted wxsatuser, very helpful thanks, Will
  7. Hi all, I'm trying to get a picture of Andromeda that I'm happy with but can't seem to get the detail in the outer spirals clear enough. I have a modded Canon 550D with a Skywatcher 80ED. The field of view fits it perfectly pretty much. I've just started guiding which is amazing. The longest exposure I've done is 20 mins, with 400 iso. Is it just a case of much longer exposures, higher iso, or more images to stack to be able to see the detail in the outer edges? The more I push it in PS, the more grainy and terrible it looks. It's probably a lot to do with my processing skills...or lack there of too. Just a rough estimate of what exposure lengths and iso I should be trying out would be good! Next time it's clear I'll be going for 30 mins and 40 mins I think. Thanks.
  8. Thank you nmoushon! So far I've got 2 sites I've used to photograph, one has very very little pollution and the other has a fair amount. But soon it will mostly be the lesser polluted area. I have the Skywatcher 80ED scope and a 9x50 finder scope that came with it. I am planning on modding that out to be used as my guider all set up on an EQ6 mount. I think that for now, the QHY5 will probably be my best bet. If I want to get into planetary I will be looking into a specific camera anyway probably, so if the QHY5 is perfectly good at guiding then that's good enough for me. Saves me a bit of money too Thanks!
  9. Thanks Kropster, I wouldn't say money is not a problem. It's just that I'm able to buy either but the Starlight would have to be a lot better to warrant it. You have the QHY5L-II? Is that much better than the QHY5-II? Most of what I've read about the L version is slightly negative, issues with compatibility and software freezing?
  10. Hi all, I'm hoping to get into guiding to help my photography out! I've been doing some research and have come to my 2 choices of camera. Just wondering if anyone has experienced both or either and can give me some advice? At the moment I can get the QHY5-II for £199 and the Starlight Xpress Lodestar is currently £345 on a FLO offer. If there's barely any difference in the quality of their guiding capability I'll go for the QHY5, but if the Starlight is massively better and worth the extra £146 then I may as well get that while I'm at it so I'm upgrade proof for a few more years. Planetary imaging might be a factor too, not a massive one. Just interest really. Mainly I want the camera for guiding but if it works for planetary well then that's double bubble! Thanks for the help
  11. Thanks everyone for all the input! I am thinking of going for the adapter to hook up a QHY5-II or QHY5L-II to my finder scope for guiding. That way, if I out grow that quick fix, I havent spent a load on a dedicated guiding scope when I don't really need to, but do have a decent camera to keep for when I do decide to upgrade. Trying to figure out which is the better camera is tough enough, there are lots of forums on here about it but no clear answers really. I think I just need to bet on one and go with it! Appreciate the help Will
  12. Hi all, I'm looking into guiding and trying to research my options. I came across this package and thought it looked pretty decent. No reviews though! Has anyone got this package, or the camera it comes with? Any comments or advice about it? The camera it comes with is the Orion StarShoot AutoGuider Cheers https://www.altairastro.com/product.php?productid=16253&cat=108&page=1
  13. Thank you very much Olly! Amazing enlightening. I am in the process of sending my camera off to be modded, just the 1 filter mod (like most have done ) So I will invest in the normal CLS filter to accompany it. Hopefully my results will slowly improve and not keep looking like a pink/ orange haze. Thanks, Will
  14. Hello all, I'm looking into getting this kind of filter for my Canon 550D to reduce light pollution. This type will fit my camera and is also compatible with CCD cameras. So it's good for my progression when I decide to slash out and get a CCD. I'm just wondering if there's much of a difference in the picture between the "Clip-Filter (EOS) with ASTRONOMIK CLS vs CLS" and the "Clip-Filter (EOS) with ASTRONOMIK CLS vs CLS-CCD" when fitted to a DSLR? Will the CCD compatible one be as good or better than the non CCD compatible one? Also, does anyone know which kind of CCDs the filter will be compatible with? Thank you! Will
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