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  1. hi pojara. contact one of the local astro society,s,they will have a dark sky place where they go to,ours,sunderland astro is at derwent resovior,newcastle astro use caw fields car park at haltwhistle,northumberland astro is another one in your area,don't know where they go.
  2. think you mean 600d,i have 2,one modded,one for normal use,great camera,tilt screen is great for astro,not much bending, save your back.
  3. hi matt and welcome.i am a member of sunderland astro society,we have an obs at washington wetlands,meet every thursday,then second and third sunday of the month.why not pop along.we do both visual and photography good mixture of both. ken.
  4. i have been using the 600d for a while now,in sub zero temps at kielder and dumfries,no problem.as said in earlier post the flip screen is great.i even bought the modified 600d.
  5. another plus from me,600d.12v adapter ran all night no problems.
  6. hi philip. welcome to stargazers lounge,you will enjoy it.im across the river from you ,jarrow.also a member of sunderland astro society,based at washington wetlands,not to far from you. ken.
  7. glad you enjoyed it guys,we think final count was 500+
  8. hi. i bought both the ed80 apo and achro from optic star,solid build,like said earlier.have just bought qhy5-ii,time to go to the dark side.
  9. after another good night at kielder,decided to try and see if i could get a few shots of ison,not the best conditions at 5am,clouds where rolling in.but here it is,only 4 subs of 1minute,using a canon 600d,heq5 pro,optic star ed 80 stacked them in dss,level and curves in ps6.just to add clouds came thats why there are only 4 subs
  10. hi mark and welcome,jarrow here and a member of sunderland astro.your welcome anytime.
  11. oops,just read the post again,suppose it is a bit of a travel but more than welcome if your ever up this way.
  12. hi sam. we meet as a group(sunderland astro society) twice a year,summer, winter .for a drink and chat at a local pub,mainly to see the faces we chat to when observing,some nice supprises when we see each other in light,lol.only kidding to anyone from sunderland astro.
  13. read this and thought just what i need,just so happens i have a seagul right angle finder.you dont happen to have any pics do you,just so i can get my head round to what you said in post(pics are good,lol.)
  14. try looking for the celestron 102 spotting scope f5.google it there is a good review on cloudy nights
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