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  1. Yup - ie need a spacer of between approx 50 and 100 mm - can anyone point to where I can buy the necessary adapters?
  2. Thanks - I can see where I'm going wrong. Back focal distance of Eos 300 is 44mm I think so I can do the maths from there! I might actually have a spacer somewhere that will fit but if not will buy one. Cheers
  3. Hi all! As we're back into imaging season I thought I would check something with you guys before I start getting frustrated again - it's probably an easy question but I'm useless with the mathematics for focus / focal length etc. I have an 8 inch LX90. I have the 0.63 Meade focal reducer I will be using a modified Canon 300 (I think d - don't have it to hand) In the past when using my LX90 with Sony DSLR I've always had trouble with essentially what looks like probably the optical tube baffling coming into the picture and so having to crop (a lot). Is this simply because I need some sort of spacer? And what is the best / correct spacer for the Canon above. Many thanks! Brian (PS - I also have a WO GT81 with focal reducer and don't have the same issues - My plan for this year is to 'try' and get both LX90 and WO GT81 balanced side by side on NEQ6 and swap between the two depending on targets. - wish me luck!)
  4. You can do all alignment etc with handset and then switch to pc direct. So long as you use handset to swing scope to what you want to shoot first. Then move to pc direct and then turn on sidereal. Bit if a faff but that's what I tend to do.
  5. In fact some of the data is unguided 1 minute subs
  6. Wo gt81 3 - 4 minute guided subs. Think its about an hour of data taken on Sony alpha a300 dslr. Data over two separate sittings (about 3 months apart) hence the rotation of the pic
  7. I need to work on processing. Will be getting data of anther target soon and will be asking for some help!
  8. As the title suggests - got this shown on the last star gazing live on the beeb the other week.... goes to show that spamming people works ! ;-)
  9. I heard 8 inch suffers less mirror flop compared to larger models?
  10. Okay So have a motor unit fault on 8 inch lx90. Rather than spending 200 quid getting it repaired I'm fairly set on deforking it (again). I have a losmunday plate for the lx90. I am either going to buy a 2nd st80 for guiding or possibly strap my wo gt81 on top so I can use either or for guiding and imaging. At first I will probably try my existing st80 (which I guide gt81 with). Anyone got thoughts on that (especially whether my neq6 could handle the weight -I have extension bar and 10kgs of weight). Also would be useful to see people's astro attempts with a guided lx90 (it's focal length is 2000mm! ) could someone point me to a site that sells good quality bars for the 'top' of the lx90 to mount the guide scope whether that be an st80 or my wo gt81 (the former is lighter). Finally I should explain that I don't have permanent set up so the eternal difficulty I have is setting up but I'm thinking it will be worth it if I can get good results with a guided lx90 for shooting galaxies. Ultimately I will probably replace the lx90 for a good quality astrophotography newt and then sell the lx90 and get a big dob for visual but that's a while away. Thanks Brian
  11. Thanks again any actual results from guided lx90 scope would be helpful. At moment I'm thinking of putting my 80mm apo on top and using neq6. Can then use either scope for guiding and shooting / vice versa. Only thing making me think that's a bad idea is that I don't have a permanent set up so I have to lug it all together which is fairly heavy. I have extension bar and 10kgs of counterweights. Think that's enough to take an lx90 with wo gt81 attached to back? !
  12. Do you have any examples of your results with lx90 you are willing to share? :-)
  13. Oh dear, the subject says it all! Was setting up my LX90 (8 inch, GPS UHTC) the other day and whilst it was aligning the power cable came slightly loose. I plugged it back in and then it basically stopped alignment procedure and came up with Motor Unit Fault. Restarted the scope and no joy. The handset will allow up and down so nothing wrong with the Dec side. But 'left' will only work on 'max' speed and anything lower it seems to struggle. 'Right' is dead. Therefore seems likely there is an issue with RA motor / chipset. I called Steve Collingwood at SCTelescope and his initial thoughts were - reset the handset and if that doesn't work it's likely to be the motor control board. I have reset the handset and that didn't work. If it is the motor control board then it's £120 + postage both ways for a repair (and that's assuming that is what it is and nothing more expensive). So here's the thing. I have previously deforked this scope and used it on NEQ6 (unguided). I had originally planned to do more astrophotography with it but quickly got frustrated without it being guided and so re-forked it and bought a WO GT81 80mm refractor which I now have a guidescope etc. attached to. I am more comfortable with the guiding process now. The way I see it I have 3 options: 1) Get it repaired and fork out probably about £180 (including postage costs) for a scope that's been re-forked once (there was no noticeable issues with pointing accuracy after I had done this - albeit it did struggle to find north automatically). This way I can run two scopes simultaneously - one for astrophotography and one for visual, although in the last 12 months I can recall doing this just once. 2) Defork it and use it on NEQ6 again. In doing so I would commit to setting it up guided so that I can get some better results for astrophotography. This has the disadvantage of having one scope only at a time for just now and also that set up time for neq6 is longer if I was just wanting it for visual only. 3) Sell the OTA, damaged mount, handset and field tripod individually or together and buy something else for the NEQ6 (a newt?). (a 4th option would be to attempt to repair it myself but not convinced I have enough knowledge or confidence to attempt this). Would be happy to hear anyone else's thoughts. Also would be happy to hear about results people have had with a guided LX90 8 inch for astrophotography (i.e. what the quality I can expect from it). From previous research not many people seem to use them for astrophotography because they are as standard on alt / az mounts - but I would like to think at least someone out there has had them guided on an equatorial mount! Cheers Brian PS - one final point is that the powertank I am using is a Maplin 5 in 1 powerstation with air compressor. See here: http://www.maplin.co.uk/p/5-in-1-power-station-with-air-compressor-a67hy As far as I know the power isn't regulated - is there any chance that this caused the fault and if so could the same thing happen with the NEQ6? If so will probably get a regulated tank!
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