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  1. I hear what you're saying Mike an I certainly won't be looking to create images such as those everytime and to be honest I'd be amazed I could ever manage it. However if you believe the description of those pictures however they're noted not to have any post processing and were just as viewed live (albeit with longer exposures to create them) I was more thinking of it from a solely basic visual perspective and given that the camera seems capable of good images with some basic long term stacking without processing I was imagining it would be also therefore be good for three/four minutes l
  2. Thanks for the comments. After doing some research I was considering going with this: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/zwo-cameras/zwo-asi-385mc-usb-30-colour-camera.html I also found a site of someone who used it on a C8 with great success - see link and images towards the bottom: https://www.flickr.com/photos/171338444@N04/with/47841005961/ Would be grateful for any comments on this approach! Brian
  3. Hi guys I sold all my kit a few years ago, but given lockdown have decided to get some equipment. I bought a package deal of bits which was at a good price and I'm hoping to do some EAA with it. At the moment I have: CPC925 (Alt/AZ) Antare 6.3 focal reducer 80mm Celestron Guidescope Nextar autoguider (unused which i'm selling as doesn't work in alt/az) QHY5y original cam Laptop I can get some okay-ish results with QHY5Y, but the sensor needs a clean and it's not that good in any event. I had though I could use it for guiding in Alt/Az mode, but i
  4. Hi guys, I sold most of my equipment a couple of years ago, but decided recently to start accumulating again given lockdown.... So at the moment I have (which i bought as a package): CPC925 Alt/Az Celestron Guidescope 80mm (piggybacked) Nexstar autoguide (which i'm selling as it doesn't work in alt/az) I also have a QHY5Y original + laptop left over from before which i can control scope with via serial cable. Per the topic here, I have also managed to 'borrow' a scientific Q Imaging Rolera-XR. My understanding is that this is actually for
  5. Yup - ie need a spacer of between approx 50 and 100 mm - can anyone point to where I can buy the necessary adapters?
  6. Thanks - I can see where I'm going wrong. Back focal distance of Eos 300 is 44mm I think so I can do the maths from there! I might actually have a spacer somewhere that will fit but if not will buy one. Cheers
  7. Hi all! As we're back into imaging season I thought I would check something with you guys before I start getting frustrated again - it's probably an easy question but I'm useless with the mathematics for focus / focal length etc. I have an 8 inch LX90. I have the 0.63 Meade focal reducer I will be using a modified Canon 300 (I think d - don't have it to hand) In the past when using my LX90 with Sony DSLR I've always had trouble with essentially what looks like probably the optical tube baffling coming into the picture and so having to crop (a lot). Is this simp
  8. You can do all alignment etc with handset and then switch to pc direct. So long as you use handset to swing scope to what you want to shoot first. Then move to pc direct and then turn on sidereal. Bit if a faff but that's what I tend to do.
  9. Wo gt81 3 - 4 minute guided subs. Think its about an hour of data taken on Sony alpha a300 dslr. Data over two separate sittings (about 3 months apart) hence the rotation of the pic
  10. I need to work on processing. Will be getting data of anther target soon and will be asking for some help!
  11. As the title suggests - got this shown on the last star gazing live on the beeb the other week.... goes to show that spamming people works ! ;-)
  12. I heard 8 inch suffers less mirror flop compared to larger models?
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