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  1. Hi not had chance as yet too busy dancing and new keyboard - will nail it next few nights
  2. Think I'll try the polar alignment - star alignment - then back to home - oh look home is miles out - move to home manually - retry alignment - yup I can see the star technique Sent from my D6603 using Tapatalk
  3. Hi Kev, Im clicking it but its coming up with: We are sorry, but the page you are looking for cannot be found.If you typed the URL directly, please make sure the spelling is correct.If you clicked on a link to get here, we must have moved the content.Please try our store search box above to search for an item. If you are not sure how you got here, go back to the previous page or return to our store homepage.
  4. Hi Kev, Im so keen to open the attached pdf but the link is broken - can you send another?
  5. Thats a really good idea thank you - hope to be out this weekend
  6. I did originally put wrong date in in 9th April - on ok - im near berwick upon tweed
  7. I double checked all that I may try and get an Astro mate round
  8. After polar alignment the scope is roughly pointing at Polaris - but when aligning on Arcturus the scope seems to be 20/30 degrees out
  9. Ive managed to find Polaris with my eq5 polar scope but I thought the next step (before 2 star alignment) was to keep the scope straight along its axis but when i then try to align its miles out its supposed to be a few minutes out but its miles out - any ideas?!
  10. Its a skmax 150 so similar - still thinking same?
  11. An intrustion in the scope? I took Jupiter pics before and they were fine
  12. No - its a very zoomed in star
  13. Using my Skymax 150 for first time with 1200D - just went for focus which I think I got. Not sure why the star is not showing a full circle - is there a problem with my scope?
  14. Oh in apt i set exp to 6 secs and it goes into bulb mode whilst in m mode
  15. M mode ive just flocked it into tv mode and back to m and it's ok now. I control the camera with apt - never has this before
  16. I was out with my dslr and scope for the first time and wondered why I couldn't see any star images. I thought it was a focus issue but after attaching the canon to the scope all I could see on the canon live view was a white screen - ie i didnt even have chance to try and set focus since I could not see anything! I then popped the canon lens back onto the camera and same issue - it does away when I switch to auto focus and half press the shutter button buy once focused it goes back to the white screen. This has happened since i fitted and removed the astronomik cls ccd filter - not sure if this has anything to do with it. Any ideas ?
  17. Also - on youtube when the mount is connected to stellarium the mount name shows on stellarium - even though my mount shows as connected on telescope control my mount name does not show on stellarium
  18. Hi Sandy - yes I did use the pc direct mode - made no difference
  19. Oh I hate losing - Ill take a look at Cartes though
  20. Im trying to use Stellarium to control my mount - as a goto controller Im using the "Telescope Control" plug in - which Ive configured to the right com port - I then connect the usb port to the hand controller for my eq5 (middle port) - the EQ5 is then connected to the mount controller. I then click on start and the telecope status reads as connected. But - when I click on a star and then ctrl 1 or ctrl 0 and slew nothing happens. Ive learnt this from youtube - now - no one as mentioned ascom drivers or anything else - the guys on youtube just do as Ive said above - so what am I missing?
  21. So - I line Polaris onto the outer circla - rotate and if Polaris goes around the outer circle then all is good.... how do I rotate? also - my polar scope is not focused that well is it easy to focus?
  22. I meant the little bubble that sits on the big circle - Im to position Polaris in this bubble yes? Also - I cant seem to focus Polaris with the polar scope - how to I change its focus.... Im getting their
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