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  1. So, it's our (me & Drummerp aka Neil) 10th wedding anniversary in November & we're contemplating an astronomy holiday (abroad would be preferred) - anyone got any good ideas/ know of anywhere? Cheers Claire
  2. I've just shown your image to a few work colleagues, gasps & ooh aahs aplenty - they loved it! Aint you clever!! BTW - I didn't think I liked Reisens but when it's free what can you do! ;-)
  3. I have one word for you..... Canon Honestly, it's a really good image, I'd be well chuffed with that. BTW, Reisen bars = yummy. Ta
  4. Wow! absolutely mind blowing... Claire
  5. Nice one Keiran, I was just looking for some targets to keep me going thru the SGL week & stumbled on this - cool. Ta Claire
  6. Yeah, I agree. My eyes were in two different directions - one on the TV & the other on the moon. What a sight! (the moon I mean, not my goggly eyes! Nice shots Keiran! All the best Claire
  7. Hi, I've done the following OU courses as part of my Geosciences Degree. I think a lot of employers admire people who have done OU degrees as it shows you've got ambition & that you can stick to projects in the long haul (5yrs for me whilst working full time! phew!!) The best course of the lot, by far, was SXR208 from the observatory in Mallorca. S103 SXR103 Intro to Science S196 (Planets) S194 (Astronomy) S260 (Geology) S279 (Dynamic planet) S286 (Planetary Science) SXR208 (Observing the Universe) S186 - Volcanoes, earthquakes & Tsunami U316 (Environmental web) & S250 (Science in context) Definatly do it Claire
  8. I'm looking at holidays to Sharm, for our 10th wedding anniversary in Nov, is that where you stayed? If so, would you recommend a specific hotel (know of anywhere to avoid)? Any info you've got would be appreciated as I don't know where to start. Many thanks Claire
  9. Hi, The best course I did was SXR208 (Observing the Universe in Mallorca) the OU are running it for the last time next year & I would do it again tomorrow if I had the money! It's nightly telescope & lab projects - asteroid light curves, spectroscopy, stellar photometryetc - lots of maths at 4am but it's fine. Knackering but Brilliant!! I did S283, the partner course to S282, Planetary science & the search for life, a little too much basic biology for me but I enjoyed the first book more: An introduction to the solar system: looking at the solar system, solar system bodies, meteorites, asteroids and comets, giant gas planets and planetary processes; impact cratering and volcanism and space missions. Hope you find a course you really enjoy. All the best Claire
  10. 21 for me - only slight social retardation then!
  11. shaula


    Hi Jayne, welcome to the forum! All the best Claire
  12. Yep, I love the M13 too, very nice & easy to find too ;-)
  13. Hiya Matty, welcome to SGL, you'll get sound friendly advice (& sometimes pointless banter, which is great!) Get your name down for Salisbury in August if you have a couple of nights free, you can meet loads of us there. Claire in Redland, Bristol.
  14. Hey Kev, sounds good... have you got a website I could look at? cheers Claire
  15. I looked into renting a campervan, our Ivor is on his last wheels, but the cheapest quotes we could find were upwards of £700!
  16. I can feel a special purchase coming on for Salisbury.. ;-)
  17. No, I didn't try it. Like a typical bird on a sunny evening, I was drinking Pimms...sorry!
  18. Saw this ale in the Masons Arms (Lower Odcombe, near Yeovil) last night... Claire
  19. Can we make it a bit longer too? Say... a couple of weeks?
  20. my Barlow is called Ken I've never named any of my gear but Limpet Lou decided to call my Barlow: Gary... hmmmmm! (what's worse Corrie or Take That I wonder...?)
  21. Works been really rubbish this week (only done 3of5 so far) & already peeved. Just wanna pick up my kit, jump in the campervan & go back to Lucksall..NOW! Anyone wanna throw caution to the wind & just go for it...? Gotta be at work by 9am tomorrow tho... ;-)
  22. Hi Jason, Your thread is inspiring & your honesty is refreshing, it's the best way to be. You're in good hands (sorry..), they really don't mess about. Stay optimistic & thanks for sharing your thoughts/ feelings with everyone. All the best for a speedy recovery Claire
  23. Nice snaps! I just found my Pass Pass in my coat pocket... strange (almost like an incense stick!) but weirdly refreshing... hmmm, interesting to say the least. The cat quite liked it too .. kidding! Claire ;-)
  24. I think not then, I was facing NE & was facing the wrong was so I'm guessing, some please correct me, that the object was in the SW direction ... ?
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