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  1. The House of the Rising Sun....! - The Animals Lucy in the sky with diamonds/ Here comes the Sun - The Beetles Fade away & radiate - Blondie The whole of the moon - The Waterboys Basic Space/ Stars/ Infinity/ Night Time - The XX Night of the Hunter - 30 seconds to Mars Darkest place - Plan B Starstrukk - 3OH!3 and ... Obscured by cloud - Pink Floyd
  2. Welcome to the site. Good for you on your purchase. All the best & clear skies to you. Claire
  3. You wouldn't see me for (space)dust!
  4. Well, you'll have to join us in our tent & have a joint birthday bash - it's the hubbys (Neil aka DrummerP) too! Way hay!!!
  5. Hi, It may be worth having a look at downloading the Triatlas from JR's website on Deep Sky Astronomy: JR's website on Deep Sky Astronomy I printed mine then laminated it so it doesn't go soggy in the dew. All the best & clear skies Claire
  6. I concur! What rubbish. Maybe theres a fellow sgl god locally that could offer to go with u.
  7. I'd also say Maldives but i'd have to go back in time to 2007 when I was led on a lounged at midnight stargazing but having no idea what I was lookin at, maybe that was the moment the astro bug subliminaly bit. .? ;-)
  8. Hi all, I managed to squeeze the following into my Geosciences degree - good times!!! ;-) S196 (Planets) S194 (Astronomy) S286 (Planetary Science & the search for life - all textbook based astrobiology/ astrophysics) goes hand in hand with.... SXR208 (Observing the Universe Residential course based in Observatory Mallorca - it's basically Astrophysics, spectroscopy that sort of thing...excellent) Some of it was heavy going at times, like doing maths at 4am in the morning after a long nights observing, but well worth every moment. All the best Claire
  9. Hey Lulu, I was thinking about you last night (not lke that!!) did you see that Horrible Histories won best comedy? Just reminded me of you & that bloomin catchy tune that fella did - I cannot say it or I'll be humming it for the next year!
  10. Brilliant! 'moomin' ha ha ha Don't you just hate it when someone bursts your bubble by looking into said scope & says 'I don't think I can see it properly it's just a blur' or 'it's black & white, where's the colour?' or 'oh, is that it...?' or 'it's just dots in the sky, can't see the interest myself' cheeky buggers!! ya gotta larf!!
  11. It's beautiful up there. I love being in the peace & quiet (not a girly girl and enjoy being on my own) & being stood in one place yet being totally lost up there at the same time - excellent!!! Always worked in male dominated environments (driving instructor etc) no issues for me & so it seems for most of us on here. I put myself on various astro courses as a precursor to my OU Geosciences degree (astrobiology/ astrophysics was a large part of it) which got me totally hooked & no looking back. Claire
  12. Hi Drmillrace, Nice part of the country - I did Geology up in that area, very interesting. Welcome to SGL! Clear skies to you... Claire
  13. You might also get charged extra if it sucks other tents into your pitch area with its graviational pull!
  14. Brilliant! Sounds like you both had a lovely time and that's great. Clear skies, Claire
  15. Coffee (I never usually drink it so it works really well for me when I need it) & jaffa cakes - I find they can be used in exchange for knowledge too! Claire
  16. Quite good so far - bit light but if it brings in a few more people then it can't be bad. Wossy is annoying but how many people out there have a scope & have no idea about how to use it.... lots is my guess so it encourages them then that must be good. Claire
  17. Beautiful story - chicken soup for the soul. 'Peace', that rings loud with me. Claire
  18. my interest in clouds.. ha ha ha! Honestly, it was the Open Uni course Observing the Universe - excellent!! Claire
  19. Looks like an interesting choice of courses there & I think that's the most important thing. I've had a few courses I found really dull & wanted to chuck myself off the bridge by the end of the year but you have to take the rough with the smooth I guess. Best of luck to you. Claire
  20. Thanks everyone - some very good ideas there will have to look into them. I think Penrices pad is looking most appealing at the mo, that way we can get stuck into imaging with some expert assistance. Kai - Already done Maldives a couple of Christmas's back with bins, stunning but not astro enough for us. Cheers Claire
  21. Hi, I've done the following astro-related courses via the OU, all are great but my fave, by far was SXR208! Excellent but I think next year is the last year they're doing it. S196 (Planets) S194 (Astronomy) S286 (Planetary Science & the search for life - all textbook based astrobiology/ astrophysics) goes hand in hand with.... SXR208 (Observing the Universe Residential course based in Observatory Mallorca - it's basically Astrophysics, spectroscopy that sort of thing...) If you have any queries about any of the courses feel free to ask. Cheers Claire
  22. Of course! I totally forgot, I'll check out the website.... any other recommendations anyone? Cheers Claire
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