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  1. Yea sometimes when i look at planets they are kind of blurry but if i focus it just right it's clear so i don't think it's badly uncollimated but that also could be some of my eyepieces. I bought a couple of 1.25in eyepieces awhile ago before i bought this 4.5" but i found out that the eyepieces are too big so i can't wait to get this dob to use them. I bought them for max zoom according to a chart i found on here.
  2. Thanks for the video link, i will have to learn more about this and see if i need to adjust my 4.5" scope. Thanks for the help i really appreciate it.
  3. hahaha lego collimator that is awesome. Could i switch out the laser so i can use the same collimator with a better laser or would i be better off just buying a better one? I'd like to get a laser so i can easily line up the telescope but once i get the hang of using the right ascension and declination on the scope i'll be able to line it up that way. I hear zhumell is one of the top telescopes to get but if anyone here has experienced both Orion and Zhumell Dobs then i would really appreciate their review.
  4. I was thinking of getting the 8" version of that dobsonian for now since i don't have $500 but i do have $400 so i don't know if i should just save up for the 10" or get the 8". I am not planning on buying it soon so i guess i could save up a bit to get the 10". I have one question about the laser collimator, is it a scope with a laser dot or is it a full beam laser that shoots out into the sky?
  5. Would this telescope be a good buy for sort of a starter? I already have a 4.5" telescope and now i want something more powerful i can actually get some detail when looking at planets, i looked at mars last weekend and i could only see a blurry orange sphere. Here is a link to the telescope, what do you guys think? Zhumell Z10 Deluxe Dobsonian Reflector Telescope - Telescopes at Telescopes
  6. Absolutely beautiful Olly, i was in a trance just staring at the picture and my eyes teared up a bit from the beauty. I wish i could be an astronomer, i can see myself doing it for the rest of my life.
  7. I will try that out next time, thanks Jahmanson
  8. Ah i see, i have a 3X barlow for my current telescope but don't know exactly how to use it lol.
  9. Thank you so much, this will make it so much easier to get the proper eyepieces. Uh how do i read this chart lol
  10. Trying to understand black holes will make you go insane, it's like trying to understand the universe.
  11. I am going to buy this telescope soon Zhumell Z10 Deluxe Dobsonian Reflector Telescope - Telescopes at Telescopes and i would like to know which eyepiece will give me the most zoom. Also i would like to use my canon EOS digital rebel XTI to take pictures of my findings and share them, so if it is not too much trouble could someone help me find a camera mount. Thank you
  12. I saw Jupiter again and got some more detail since the moon was hidden and less humidity. I could make out more bands and see orange and a teal like color. On the far right of Jupiter there was a twinkling orange star but when i tried to look at it i couldn't tell what planet it was but i would be able to see Mars in a couple of days so i suppose it showed up early.
  13. What do i use to clean it? i have seen a video where someone uses dish washing soap and i have use that soap to clean my xbox 360 games and works perfectly.
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