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  1. Any ammeter stargazers in west Maui?

    1. ronin


      I recall one other person on here from Hawaii, not 100% sure of exactly where but there was one. Not seen a post from them for some time.

  2. Hi, I'm a very new star watcher and was wondering where to look for lovejoy from the Hawaiian Islands. I have a set of Pentax 20x60's I'll be using. I appreciate any help.. I thought it would be in the southwest sky but I get conflicting web info and Celestron's iOS app doesn't seem to have it. Thx JB
  3. Do you know if lovejoy is now visible in the Hawaiian Islands? I was lucky enough to move to Maui a month ago. I get conflicting info on the web and Celestrons iOS app doesn't seem to have it. I bought a set of Pentax 20x60 Binos and Jupiter and 3 possible 4 of it's moons were amazing to see thru them the night before last. I had never seen any of Jupiters moons before so it was exciting for me.
  4. Just got a pair and the image quality is outstanding.
  5. I ended up getting the Pentax 20X60 Binos, they arrived just yesterday in great shape. I'll let you know as I haven't gotten a chance to get out at night yet but the image is crystal clear during the day. cheers
  6. I settled on getting the Pentax 20X60 Binoculars. They just arrived yesterday and seem in good shape. Images are crisp and clear to the edge but I do see some of the eye blackout problems. You really have to be dead center but when you are the clarity is amazing. I find it possible to hand hold them if you brace you elbows on something, a tripod is in my near future. You guys are great any and all tips are welcome. jb
  7. How do you like them? Not sure if I want to go that big or not but liking pentax jb
  8. Ok it's down to these two: Barr and Stroud Savannah 12 X 56 or Nikon Prostaff 5 10x50 or the Nikon Action Extreme 12x50 Thoughts anyone. Nikons cost a bit less for sure
  9. I have been doing lots of looking, reading, and learning tossing around the idea of a small scope or binoculars. I have settled on getting bino s for a few reasons. The first is the ones I have are pretty much useless at this point. I'm thinking of turning them into a sort of binary flower vase art piece. I'm also making the decision to move out of Cali for a couple of years at least. I need a break from the urban center and rapid loss of a city once unique in personality and celebrating in it's uniqueness, with it's unabashed pride. I can sum up what I see now, with more of it coming in gi
  10. More good advice, and it brings up another question. Ok two It seems you might recommend a Dobsonian scope for a beginner like myself. 1. Why? 2. In short what is the basic plus and minus of Dobsonians vs Reflector & Refractor scopes. This site is great. Thanks again jb
  11. Give it up to the reasonable mind. Best advice other than the winning lotto numbers of course. "You know what ? If you are not sure what to get, I would hang fire until you are. I'd join a local astronomy club, most are very friendly, get to some observing sessions, most folks are happy to share the view. Take a range of opinions, because it's just so easy for someone to say that what they have is the best, because they just spent their hard earned cash, and so badly want to think they got the best deal going. " I needed a little break pressure on this. Sound advice! Thanks Ed
  12. Got opinions on these small telescopes? It's made by a small company out of upstate New York called Carson Optics. I have found it for as little as $115 online. The SkyRunner™ Short-Tube Wide-Angle Telescope is a lightweight, refractor type Telescope that is rugged, compact and easy to use. It has a 70mm objective lens with a 350mm focal length. The SkyRunner™ is equipped with two removable Kellner Eyepieces (6mm/25mm) and a 2x power Barlow Lens. The finder scope is 8x21mm and a folding tabletop Tripod is supplied. This one seems to be getting great reviews for the price. Orion SkyScan
  13. Thank you everyone! What a warm welcome, I welcome you all as my teacher and friend. I am a little slow at responding via the web at times, so your understanding is always appreciated. I am still at the research stage in regards to the purchase of my 1st scope, but I'm learning and narrowing down the field. Yes Kalasinman the hills of Marin can be spectacular at night if the marine layer is not to thick. Swag72 aka Sara; You have already made me say WOW. Great to follow your dream and see where it takes you! ToxoLight aka Ian; Love the Sagan quote and that he is turning out to be more correct
  14. I have some basic questions and any advice will help. I found this product for $100 1. How much would I really be able to see? 2. Are they any good for terrestrial use? 3. Is there a different model you would recommend more, at a similar price? 4. would I be better off with even the most basic of scopes available in the same price range + or - $30 This scope for example is the same price Orion SpaceProbe 3 Altazimuth Reflector Telescope I would like something easy to put in a bag and take on a trip. I am just starting out so easy of use, portability, and as much bang for the buck I can g
  15. I am here to re-kindle a childhood interest, and develop a hobby I once enjoyed with my father. This for me is a great way to learn, learn, and learn a bit more from all of you. I wish to thank you in advance for you never know what question you answer or what spark of imagination you give life to that myself and others find personally enriching. Best regards jbgrooves
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