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  1. All Cracking Images!... Good to see how many ways there has been to cature the image... KEEP THEM COMING!!!>.
  2. Lets see your NGC7000 North American Nebula Pictures... Mine first!! :grin:
  3. Dean Martin 69


    From the album: DSO`s

    North American Nebula
  4. Canon 700D, ED80, HEQ5 Pro.Only me 5 ever Image, Processed this year
  5. Dean Martin 69


    From the album: DSO`s

    Well part of it anyway, first attempt at NGC7000
  6. 1st attempt at Guiding, still struggling. 6 x 4Min Lights, Darks. Canon 700D ED8, HEQ5Pro
  7. Dean Martin 69


    From the album: DSO`s

  8. Right, i have about £500 for a new telescope, used for visually as well as maybe some astrophotography, i already have an HEQ5 Pro mount and an ED80, so would need something not too heavy, i was thinking about a 200 PDS, but by the thime you put your camera, guide scope on not sure if the mount would have it. Any thoughts on which telescope to go for??
  9. Dean Martin 69


    From the album: DSO`s

  10. Dean Martin 69

    Dumbell Nebula

    From the album: DSO`s

  11. There are 20 x 60 second exposures, with 5 x 60 second Darks. ISO 3200 Still not sure what the others are, bias, lights etc. or how to do them. Cannon 700D, ED80, EQ5 Pro. stacked in DSS & Processed in Pixinsight
  12. Dean Martin 69

    M31 Andromeda

    From the album: DSO`s

  13. This is my first ever Deep Sky Image that i have finished, and is not a blur. I have only been into this hobby for about 4 months, and after some fun getting the mount polar aligned and finding my way around the stars, getting clear nights AND with a lot of help from my local Astronomy club, I resisted an urge to throw my gear in the back of the cupboard, and finally got the image in the middle of the camera screen. After having some teething problems with DSS not stacking CR2 Files correctly (All Greyscale) I took some advice on an earlier post and converted all the images to TIFF Files then stacked them. There are 20 x 60 second exposures, with 5 x 60 second Darks. ISO 3200 Still not sure what the others are, bias, lights etc. or how to do them. Cannon 700D, ED80, EQ5 Pro. stacked in DSS & Processed in Pixinsight. There are still some "HOT" pixels in there, but im sure that in time i will get there. Any comments / feedback would be much appreciated.
  14. After some bumps in the road, here is my first ever image of a DSS the M31.
  15. Having just quickley processed some images of the Andromeda Galaxay i came a cross one image which I assume was taken during a meteor shower. It was a 1 minute exposure @ 1600. Lost count
  16. Still not sure why they come in as greyscale, i have used the up to date version of DSS, still no joy. Had to add some colour in PS, but still looks false & greyscale. Please see attached..! Any comments good or bad would be helpfull!.
  17. I am new to Astrophotography and have a canon 700D un-modded camera, when I stack these in the RAW format DSS brings them in as "Greyscale", some people suggest this may be because cannon have changed the format of the RAW data. Is there any way of these being imported in the correct colour format? I am hoping to post process in Pixinsite I have tried exporting them as Tiff format but on 30 pictures my computer quickly runs out of memory whilst processing. Any help / thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks Phil
  18. Hi can anyone help me, i am after the mounting hole pitches on the foot of the William Optics GT-81 Triplet Refractor. Any help on this would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  19. Thanks.. looking forward in reading it!... hurd so many good things about it!...
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