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  1. That third image down is amazing James. How many stacked images were used in the stacking? Al.
  2. Judging by the look of the colour in the image James I would say that there wasn't a filter. If there was then Russ has done a very nice job of getting it to look like one wasn't used. I think that I'll have to have a go at projection for the eclipse, as I have no filter. Al.
  3. Very nice James. You've got some great surface detail there. Seris major (i think) it showing very nicely in the bottom set of images. Al.
  4. Given up! Well done that man. It's something that I would like to do. Al.
  5. You got that final image from 7 of those singles? I'm amazed! Thats a nice image with three galaxies. Al.
  6. Gaz, Well done mate. When I fianlly move over to trying a little imaging I hope my first attempts are as good as yours. Like them both. Al.
  7. That was an interesting read Andy. Sorry you had issues that night, It was almost a releif to read that you misread the circles, I was about to scrub that one off my list for ever. Al.
  8. Oh I love that one - looks just like the pictures you see in magazines... Well done Rog. Al.
  9. I know that I'm a little late in posting to these topics. But I think the detail that you have out of M27 is amazing for the 300D. As you can tell I've been doing a little reading. My understanding was that the 300D was very unsensitive to the red end... But you've done well there. Did you have to do anything different to get the red out (in processing i mean). Al.
  10. Hi Russ, Thanks for the PM. These images are fantastic! They are the best Mars images I've seen (sorry if that offends but I haven't looked down the rest of the posts yet). Keep up the good work. Al. Should I be worried about the guy from Essex? I'm not far from there!
  11. Not really goinjg to see a great deal with a ST102! But I have a mate who has a scope that's more suitable for Planets. So I'm really looking forward to observing Mars this time round. Should be so much better than the last opposition. Al
  12. Congratulations, I make it now coming up for 9 Days. Still being strong? Al
  13. An area dedicated to beginners is a great idea IMO. Somewhere where things are explained and you can read about the absolute basics like what things mean etc would be a great helkp for joinging in more advanced conversations. Al
  14. Get your friend to help set up and then start observing... He'll either get bored and go home or he'll get interested. Now you know why I always observe alone Al
  15. Al

    M31 and M33

    It's lovely when you find something like that lurking around in the bottom of a drawer. Nice to see the big widefield whot like that! Al
  16. OMG It's full of stars Amazing Russ.... Al
  17. What a few weeks! I keep checking the weather reports and websites. Can they get anything right? Last night for example, yesterday I checked the websites - metcheck and the met-office both if these said cloudy. So I decide that I'm not going to do anything much last night. When I get home and have somehting to eat and then look out of the window - it's clear. Wow once again they get it wrong. So I start to make preperations to observe (i.e. I set the scope up), I then left it about 45 minutes for the scope to cool down a little and for the last photons of daylight to leave the skies. Then you can guess what happened? Nope not cloud as such but blumming mist and fog! There were stars visible but the light pollution was extending up to around 50 or 60 degrees and everything was soaking wet. [removed word]! Al
  18. WOW, thats a lovely image Ant. it's also very big :shock: Did you have to do much processing to it after it came out of the camera? Al.
  19. I've just used the Space3K template and all the buttons were missing [profile - PM - WWW - Quote] etc. But I quite like the one that I'm using now. Just can't remember what it was called :oops: Al.
  20. Really like the new address, mod's, templates. This place rocks. Al
  21. I'm using red glass, which will be great for reading posts while I'm outside with the scope... Some great templates on here now . Also like the quick reply. Al
  22. I'm thinking that maybe the Mak127 for the planets and ST102 for DSO's will be the way forward. Thanks for the advice all. And thanks Andy for moving my ill placed thread! Al.
  23. Cheers Gaz, I love the idea of the C9.5 but I think that it would be too heavy for the EQ5? The 200 F/6 would be a nice scope for deep sky, but would be still too short for planets (I read somewhere that you need at least F8 for a decent planet scope). So I was thinking about maybe a 6" F/8, just long enough to make planets worthwhile, and still a good field of view for Deep sky. Also as collimation isn't my fav past time, F8 is easier to collimate - is that right? Cheers Al.
  24. Thanks Ant, all printed ready for my next trip out. Al.
  25. Sorry Admins, think I may have posted this in the wrong section :oops: I saw Equipment and thought that this would be the place. Then I noticed "Equipment discussion", sorry but I can't move the thread - and I don't really want to re type it. Al.
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