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  1. i got these last night,picking signal up from graves.between 9pm and midnight a lot of hits
  2. hello lads. i am attaching a screenshot. I generated a test signal and this is what i got.i was hoping to get up and running for tomorrow night. just to warn you,i am not the best with computers,lol.silver years here. i would even try another conditional action set up,if any one has one to try. ken
  3. hi.i wonder if you can help me.i am running spec lab v2.95 b2 with metscat comprehensive v7, i have attached 2 screen shots.i think the snr is to low,it varies between 10 and 12 as you can see from screen shots,nothing.how do i change the snr levels. thanks ken
  4. agree with peter,just click the last one.this will be the one you work on.every time you save after you have done work in it,it will go to the bottom of the list.then you work on that one,just repeat till your happy.then go to right hand side panel and do some processing in there.some good tuturials on you tube.
  5. clear in the north east been out since 10.
  6. had the same problem,was charging for hours,between 3and 4.i turned it off when i went to bed,back on in the morning,green light straight away,checked the led,s,3 green 2 reds fully charged.it was the first charge from the box,so thats why it took so long i think.
  7. hi geordie mc. why not pop down to sunderland astro society,we are based at the washington wetlands,we have an eq8 set up in our obsy,just been fitted,now up and running,see how it works before you buy. ken.
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