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  1. Thanks for the welcome. I'm not sure quite what I'm going to be able to see through these things - I'm planning on looking for jupiter when it's up, saturn and the moon of course - what else can I expect to see? Also, with the exit pupil issue - how does this manifest itself - does it mean I simply won't get the full benefit from the increased apeture? And how do I measure my dilated pupil... if it's dark enough to be fully dilated I won't be able to see in the mirror? Ah well, I'm gonna go have a look this evening and see what I can see
  2. Hi there, Just bought a set of Binos (8*56 Pentax) hoping they'd be good enough to see a few things. General advice seems to be 10*50s but these were a bit of a bargain so I couldn't resist I'm based in salisbury and hoping to get up to the pepperbox at some point for some proper darkness - wondered if old sarum would be OK for looking north as well? Seen there's a star party in August so depending how I get on I might swing by that as well. Ginger
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