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  1. Hi Gary, Warm welcome to SGL, hope you enjoy the forums.
  2. hi Martin, Welcome back to the SGL fold.
  3. Hi Sky Daddy, Warm welcome to SGL, hope you enjoy the forums. You started out like so many of us with a 60mm frac.
  4. damnut


    Hi Philippe, Warm welcome to SGL, hope you enjoy the forums. Sante.
  5. Hi There, Warm welcome to SGL, hope you enjoy the forums.
  6. Congratulations Avdhoeven, that is an outstanding image.
  7. Congrats Charic, thats a great find with those giant binos.
  8. Definitely visible to the naked eye, but as with the folk above a dark sky.
  9. Hi Owen, Congrats on your first light report. And what you will find is the more you use the books, the less time you will spend searching and more time at the eyepiece, until you use the book rarely and rely on your new knowledge,
  10. damnut

    Hi folks!

    Hi Danny, Warm welcome to SGL. Hope you enjoy the forums. Another vote for the BST eyepiece they are great value for money. If you have not downloaded a planetarium program, try Stellarium, its great and free. To be found here :-- http://www.stellarium.org/
  11. damnut

    Hello from Poland

    Hi Radek, Warm welcome to SGL, hope you enjoy the forums. Thats a cracking setup you have there too.
  12. It takes some practice, but once found and able to apply a bit more magnification you will learn to recognise that tiny blueish disk.
  13. @Ykse, that may be, but those two items would cost more than my four telescopes and my EP collection. For mere mortals we rely on you guys to churn your kit and buy when you rotate your excellent cast offs.!!
  14. Hi Miguel, Warm welcome to SGL, hope you enjoy the forums. Salud!
  15. You chaps are discussing zooms well out of my range I'll enjoy thread and let you play nicely, look forward to the conclusions, purchase and review write ups.
  16. Hi There, Warm welcome to SGL, hope you enjoy the forums. If you have not downloaded a planetarium program then try Stellarium, it's great and free, to be found here :-- http://www.stellarium.org/ this will help guide you round the sky.
  17. The seben 8-24mm zoom is actually pretty good it is the other range 7-21.5mm that should be avoided. Would echo advice about using First Light Optics or Rother Valley, both excellent suppliers with customer service to match.
  18. Hi Mike, Warm welcome to SGL, hope you enjoy the forums. Can only echo John's advice above, and be careful about any residual heat that will produce thermal currents and spoil your viewing. A Mak 127 would be ideal for remote use as it is a smaller package and can come with a decent goto. Narrow field of view is the only disadvantage.
  19. The BST starguiders are excellent value for money and would suit your scope well. The second question is the maximum useable mag, in theory the scope can cope with 300x (2*diameter in mm). However your question is useable magnification would be c150 - 200x. This would be greatly affected by the viewing conditions though.
  20. damnut


    Hi Chris-J, Warm welcome to SGL. I don't think you have broken any rules .. However I would advise that you open a new thread in the Help Section so that you don't get the hellos & scope advice mixed up. The scope you have selected is a great scope, though would agree above that an SCT would probably suit more if looking at the planets. However a 10" sct would be far greater in cost. The 10" dob would make a great all rounder for you suitable for planets and dso's. If you buy direct from orion it is £475. Located here :--http://uk.telescope.com/home.jsp?gclid=CK73poPHoccCFQ3ItAodVgMGtQ
  21. @man or astroman - If you have a smartphone there should be an app on there for that.
  22. @floater, That was many years ago too, but still memorable @dom1961,full marks for perseverance, so right, its weirdest thing seeing the light slowly rise after being up and watching sunset.
  23. Hi Craigfoot, This is something we all have contemplated, but as you are new it is a matter of practice and time at the eyepiece. Some good advice above. And congratulations on the new addition to the family.
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