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  1. hi and welcome to the site clear skies
  2. ericdavidheavens


    HI and welcome i have been here for a week this is a great site clear skies
  3. Hi and welcome you came to the right place i joined the SGL last week . clear skies
  4. Im in california near los angeles during twilight hours i normally hunt for satellites. is Scotland a good place to view satellites this time of year. i know this dosent really answer your question and goes off the topic but it might help time pass. clear skies
  5. that a good one i just consider pluto as the family dog
  6. thats a good one olly i learned that a couple weeks ago at a star party it helped i was confusing Arcturus with vega
  7. hey stargazers any good mnemonic ideas to help remember stars in constellations or asterisms like the big dipper even the moons of jupiter. thanks
  8. i like the red reflective tape idea nightfisher. and alan your probably right i need to let my eyes fully adjust Thanks
  9. hi fellow stargazers Im always bumping in to my equipment i was thinking about adding red LEDS to my scope. do i have to worry about it being to bright thanks
  10. hello I have been dabbling in astronomy for years. never really took it serious untill a few years ago when i started downloading planaterium apps on my phone and for first time was able to really see constellations and realize Pleiades wasnt one i thought it was the ursa minor. i figure this is the best place to further my knowledge. Thanks Eric
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