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  1. Thanks Rockrae78 for that reply. I like the dew/light shield idea. I have a camping mat I could chop up. How much does it extend from the telescope. Eyepiece is an option, I have a 2" aperture as standard but is there a real advantage over 1 1/4", the later is cheaper, but the old proverbial "is bigger better"
  2. Thanks chaps and chapess's for the advice. Got some brand new dual axis motors today for a bargain of eBay, so tomorrow I will bolt them on and look for something big as suggested
  3. Thanks for all the comments, funds didn't permit goto mounts so am star hopping and using The sKyeye app. I will try the larger objects as suggested. I live in a new housing development and as time as gone by my view as got limited and light pollution has got worse. My view is probably North,West and East upbove 45 degrees. I don't want to keep spending money trying to "frig" the right conditions when my house position is the main problem.
  4. Having gotten the bug and quickly moved from a small autoscan Meade newtonian to a Skywatcher Quattro 8s on a EQ5 heavy duty mount with a SWA-70 (2") 32mm eyepiece I was expecting big things. Visually the view of the stars was fantastic but no DSO's could be seen. Am I expecting too much or have I got the wrong eyepiece.
  5. Thanks for the reply, just found the extension tube in the box in the garage, whoops. Did manage to get the dslr setup and took some shots so am happy with that.
  6. Just got into astronomy, had a made ds2114 and just bought myself a Skywatcher Quarto 8s and Eq5 heavy duty mount. Scope didn't come with a eyepiece so purchased a Sky-Watcher SWA 70° Eyepiece 22mm. The moon was out tonight so got the scope out, popped the eyepiece in expecting great things and couldn't get the moon into focus, why is that?
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