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  1. Hi, I had the same issue with my Canon 350d black spots across the sensor..I tried this product from Jessops Lenspen Pro.. half price in the sale £17.00.. Did some test shots on a white background 30sec exposure before I used it and then after. It worked just fine. Hope this helps... Acme
  2. Hi, I have just acquired a Vixen GP2 with the star book-s system. I have not had a chance to use it in anger but the motors work and all seems well. I have the polar scope and illuminator also. Looking forward to getting outside to see how it tracks. Any comments or advice most welcome as I don’t have any experience of this mount. Acme
  3. John, First time I have posted a picture so here it is.. Canon 350d T/ Ring one end no issues, eye piece can go in the barell held in place by the screw no issues... The unit can split into 2 parts with another T/Ring thread and the Male 1.25 barell end piece will not fit into either of my scopes... Cheers Acme...
  4. Hi, I have one of these so called simple eye piece projection adapters. Simple connection, T ring thread one end with a simple 1.25 barrel at the other, “fits into any standard 1.25 telescope eye piece port”. Well the problem I have is it will not fit my Orion Optics 2500mm or my Meade 125 ETX both have standard eye piece ports 1.25 I assume as I don’t have any issues with my varied eye pieces or my webcam SPC900NC barrel they all fit my scopes fine. The adaptor looks cylindrical enough, no damage. I don’t have a micrometer but visually it looks close to a standard fitting, am I missing something!! Any ideas what next..... The BIN?
  5. Ok..But just google this and then see what you find.. "How to access the true Administrator account in Windows Vista" Helped me out..Now my SPC works fine in Vista.
  6. Hi, I am running an SPC900 on a Vista machine; I had the same problem until I installed the drivers as the administrator. Vista security is a nightmare. Let's hope windows 7 is less troublesome.. Hope this helps..
  7. I have a pair of 9x63 BAK 4 roof prism binoculars bought from Skopes N Skies Adler "Wildnis" not a single sticker badge or manufacturers mark on them so I assume they are cheap imports from god only knows where. Advertised as night glass with near APO lens performance. Daylight use is good, nice sharp images with good colour and contrast. Looking into the clear night sky has proven these to be worth the price, nice sharp bright images good contrast with nice defined star points plus the field of view is quite good. They are quite big and heavy so I have them mounted on a Benbo trekker tripod with a ball head so they are nice and stable, compact, versatile and easy to grab and go when the clouds clear. Build quality is not the best, looks and feel are not that great either but as they were quite cheap I can overlook the aesthetics. I don’t have any APO equipment to judge the optics on but to be honest I have never used binoculars before so overall I am quite pleased with them. These were brought as a cheap foray into astronomy with binoculars. I have the bug now so know doubt I will be reading the reviews for the more expensive bins with great interest.
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