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  1. 3ggman Have look at these..They will get the image to your PC/Laptop http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/USB-VIDEO-AUDI...item4aa311d210 BNC Plug to RCA Phono Socket ADAPTOR COUPLER CCTV M-F on eBay (end time 29-Aug-10 11:48:08 BST) Acme
  2. Just processed this single frame in Photoshop, it's raining again nothing better to do!!! gone a bit to far you think? Acme
  3. Gavin, The dip switches were set as follows...SW1= On | SW3 = On | All others set to Off. Used the manual gain option and adjusted the potentiometer.... Captured using Craterlet Downloads (freeware) Hope this helps. Stephen.
  4. Thanks Jim.. Real rush job, I just had to grab a shot before I set off for work. I have a 30 sec AVI to have a look at tomorrow. Just hope I can get some clear skies the weekend and set up properly. Acme
  5. Hi, Very quick single shot capture from the JAI CCD a few of us had off ebay. No Moon filter, no tracking just used my Megrez 72 on a camera tripod out of a bedroom window.. A work in progress..lol Acme
  6. PM'd If the eyepiece is a pain then try your finder scope.. Acme
  7. Gavin, At least you know you have a worker now!! .. You could try one of those black plastic cans off an old 35mm film, it will just sit over the lip on the camera, cut off the closed end and make two small cuts, unscrew the chrome end of an eyepiece and push the cannister in as far as it will go then tape them together. I would still order a c-maount though..lol Acme
  8. Gavin, You need a lense to focus the image..Try it, hold an eyepiece in front of it and draw it away from the camera slowly. Use your 32mm!! Acme
  9. Nice one Gavin, Just gaffer tape it to a diagnal or unscrew the chrome barrel of a cheapo eyepeice and have a play with it...That's what I did until my c-mount adapter arrived. Acme
  10. Ncjunk, Lol..Nice one..You remembered. 8-P Acme
  11. Nick, It's cost £50 in total to get it to this stage, Camera, c-mount, USB frame grabber and the power connection. Would it be better to start a new thread for the pictures taken with this camera. We might get a bit more advice now we are up and running and can provide images. It's been all good fun and a bit of a gamble to date but now I would like to squeeze the life out of it and see what it can do. If I can't do it then perhaps I will lend it out to a someone who can, then we can all see what is possible for £50. Acme
  12. Hi Nick, I did a very and I mean very quick focus test on Cassiopeia lastnight, still using my Megrez and the camera tripod.. Work commitments and all that so had to rush ...All I can say at the moment is I could get down to very faint stars, I will try do a side by side with my SPC900NC if the clouds clear. What is your view on the two pictures Nick?? Acme
  13. Gavin, The software that came with the £4.99 USB EasyCap device...Ulead VideoStudio SE DVD. It saves to AVI format, a word of warning though, 30 seconds of capture = 700mb so clear out some space on your hard drive. Once you have a file you can edit it in any video software you like. I had Nero 8 open (Vision) so I just used the snapshot option. PM me if you need any help... AstrNerd, I hope to get some time out this weekend so I can have a try on Jupiter!!. Acme
  14. Cheers Gavin, I will need one of those..If your making an order then add one in for for me and I will drop the money into your Paypal account. All of the necessary bitsNbobs have arrived and I have grabbed a few test shots, single frames from 30 sec AVI's..It's only of the trees about 50ft away. I did not have the time to set up the mount and point it at the sky lastnight.. JAI CCD...Megrez 72FD on a Benbo Trekker2 tripod.. Top picture used the auto exposure, bottom was using manual gain.. Acme
  15. We don't know for sure but at £20.00 we thought why not give it a try..I spoke to one of the UK's official suppliers of this camera the other day..They sell these for £495.00..lol Gavin, I had mine from here 1.25" adapter to C mount camera for Telescope use on eBay (end time 24-Aug-10 18:13:40 BST) Acme
  16. Gavin, I am still waiting for this to arrive USB VIDEO AUDIO CAPTURE ADAPTER VHS TO DVD HDD TV CARD on eBay (end time 17-Aug-10 18:38:36 BST) Then I can get the video stream onto my laptop, at the moment I can only connect to my Plasma via a hard drive recorder. It's the only thing in the house that has a viideo in!! Laptop and PC's are all s-video FireWire and HDMI inputs so I will just have to wait, not sure if the HD recorder captures in AVI format, I will check that out. As for the bit's N bob's, no mate I don't want anything for them.. Acme
  17. NickH, Any idea how the frame rate can be controlled? Will it be done via the capture software? Amcap or wxAstroCapture..I don't get how it can be done this way as the cameras only connection will be video output, I don't see how to communicate with it unless it's via he trigger connection..Any ideas? Acme
  18. Gavin, I have only the power pins connected, I think that is all we need at the moment..I am going to investigate the other options at a later date. I am just glad to have an image on the screen that at first glance looks more detailed than my SPC900NC webcam. I have posted the BNC to RCA and a cable also....1st class. Acme
  19. tarqs101 I have a spare BNC to RCA convertor, PM me your deatails and I will post it ASAP free of charge. The Hirose pin outs are in the manual, mine is pin 11 for 12v and 9 for GND. I tested the dip switches for shutter speed and the auto gain, I did try the manual gain and it worked a treat. For all those listening in, feel free to join in the converation, have a read of the manual and see if you can help us out..Any ideas on setting up the trigger options????????? Acme
  20. Mine is great..If your planning to use it for astrophotography then you my need a field flattener..I have the Skywatcher version have a look on FLO.. Acme
  21. It's alive!! 3rd time lucky, I tried another 12v DC power connection and it all works fine. Done a test on some trees about 300m away using my 127mm Mak, played with the dip switches for the shutter speeds and the manual gain control, it all looks very promising. Just need the clouds to clear at some point and I can point it at the night sky. Acme
  22. Oh well I think mine is dead, I tried plugging it into the "video in" on my video hard drive recorder then set the system to AV front panel and the TV to monitor. Nothing!! double checked all the connections, tried another power supply tried all the dip switches on the camera all to no avail. Acme
  23. Hi, I have my Hirose power connected up to a 12v DC supply..Any ideas as to how I can tell if this is working, it has no LED's or on off switch. I have put a multi meter across the pins to confim voltage at the ends of the Hirose. Camera has no audible noise comming from it. I don't have all the video connections as yet, I have the BNC video out to a line out phono type converter though..Any ideas on what to try next??? Acme
  24. Jim, I had hoped to just power it up before I started to buy the necessary stuff..I thought at that price it might have been DOA..The Hirose is about £12.00 from RS supplies. Check out the link below. http://www.telescopeplanet.co.uk/ViewProdDetails.asp?name=C/CS Mount Cameras to 1.25" Adaptor &prod_code=PON08F000036
  25. Jim, Do you mean the BNC convertor (video) and the Hirose for the power supply!! no I have nothing but the camera at the moment. Acme
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