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  1. SeedyF, You can have them in Orange!! Acme
  2. Richard, £550/600 is the going rate for a decent second user EQ6 Pro, we all end up with one or wishing we had one, so why put it off. Go on you know you want the EQ6 Pro. Acme
  3. Shameless plug but I have a spare one of these, brand new. Acme
  4. Glider, Is this the cable from Farnell TTL-232R-WE CABLE,USB-TTL,SER CONV,5V,WIRE-END part munber 1740364 Acme
  5. Mine died after about a year, I read a post on here about using a car charger .. Left it on charge for a few hours and it worked. It holds it's charge and has been great ever since.. Acme
  6. Peter 12v and the comms error or no connection displayed on the screen. The thing is the handset works fine apart from the up down arrows, if you press either the handset just locks up. It's only £100 to replace the MCB but I could do with proving one way or the other before I shell out. Acme
  7. Thank's Peter. I have tried connecting via my laptop as you said, tried through the handset plus I have an EQmod TTL-232R-WE CABLE,USB-TTL,SER CONV,5V,WIRE-END cable to a DSub neither will connect via the Sky6 pro or the free CduC. The FTDI EQmod is a new option, I never had chance to see if it worked. I will go try 12v to the handset. Cheers Acme
  8. 35 veiws and no offers of help!! Acme.
  9. I wish it was quite as simple as that. I don't have a spare handset or a motherboard to swap out.
  10. Thank's for confirming, I thought that was the case by the lack of info on the subject. Any other ideas how I could prove either the motherboard or the handset is at fault. Acme
  11. Thing is guy's it could be the motherboard...See my other thread. http://stargazerslounge.com/equipment-help/117651-help-eq6-pro-synscan.html I need to prove where the fault is. Acme
  12. Hi, Can the SynScan V2.05 be reset back to factory settings ?? or could the firmware be reloaded, not upgraded. I can’t find an answer on the net. The user manual is as basic as the handset. Acme
  13. Hi, Can I ask if anyone within a 30 mile radius of Derby can help me out..I have an EQ6 Pro with the old SynScan v2 controller, I don’t think it can be reset back to default?? I think it has gone faulty or the motherboard on the mount has a problem. All I need to do is either test my handset against you mount or your handset to my mine either way it will only take 5 minutes to eliminate the culprit. I just need to confirm is RA/DEC Slew. I have tested both motors in isolation and they are working. PM if you can help. Acme
  14. Thanks guy's, I was thinking of a burried concreate block with 4 vertical bolts and the pier/mount fixed to them. It would be easy to take the mount with me if I moved house again. I can design the basics no problem, I just thought it would be interesting to post this and assess what could be done.....Measure twice, cut once and all that!!! Acme
  15. Hi, A friend of mine has offered to build me a metal pier, he owns a steelworks with access to a machine shop so here is an ideal opportunity to build and design a permanent setup. He said get some designs and ideas together and we can start from there. So can I call on you guys to offer up some drawings/dimensions for this project, it can be for the base, pier top or any other element you can think of that would make the ultimate base for my new EQ6 Pro. The thing is if he is willing to put the time and effort into making one, I am sure if we could keep the designs simple enough and the materials to a reasonable cost I could ask him to make two or three if anyone was interested. So any help or pointers would be most welcome. Acme
  16. Hi, What option should I choose in PHD for my modded webcam? I tried both of the options for a webcam with LX prefix, neither could see my camera. wxAstrCapture can see it and it works fine... Should I still be using the Windows WDM option? Can you still use the LX mod in that mode?? Acme
  17. Thanks to YesYes for giving me the idea.. I took the parallel to USB PCB out of the cable I got from ebay, it's connected inside the project box. Now I have a USB cable direct to my laptop. I will post some pictures as soon as it's complete..Looks very neat and tidy!! Acme
  18. Hi, I used an origianl SPC900NC as a guide cam, how much more sensitive is the modded version, is it worth it all in the end. I have a 1/2 inch mono ccd that is great for guiding. I only did this because it was cheap and the weather has been so bad of late. What should I expect from this mod? Acme
  19. Hi, Just completed my first LX mod, a big thank you to Philip..Top bloke For those of you who intend to do this mod have a look at this, I got it off ebay from a UK supplier and it works fine. eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace Acme
  20. Hi, I will take one also. Add another one to your "sold" list please!! Acme
  21. Thanks for the info Phil.....Pete the heat shrink came today, cheers matey. Acme.
  22. Hi guys, Any chance of the product codes for the components to do the LX mod please. Acme
  23. Yes, use any capture software you have. It won't show the webcam as "connected" otherwise. Acme
  24. Lukebl VM stands for Virtual Machine, google it, you may be able to download a trial version and do your doings and never use it again..You do need a copy (Legal) of XP OS to run on VMWare though. PM if you want more on VMWare. Acme
  25. I think the long exposure mod will sort out the sensitivity issues. Question!! would you need the IR/UV cut filter if you were only using this as a guide cam? Acme
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