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  1. Amazing image! What equipment did you use please?
  2. Hahah brilliant!! I would consider 1am or 2am but not 3am, need my beauty sleep. lol!
  3. Thanks all! I'm on evening shift the next two days but after that I hope to get the scope out again! Any current viewing recommendations for a beginner? I'm equally interested in planets and deep sky. I understand I need to wait some time yet for Jupiter unless I want to be up at 3am! haha!
  4. Ben478


    Hi Arc! Enjoy the new toy, erm, telescope!!
  5. Excellent shot, very clear and crisp!
  6. ...and I'm reeaaally missing it!!! The trouble is I do shiftwork so often have to go to bed early, and I've been so busy in the last couple of months with various stuff going on, and decorating being done in the house. But I'm hoping for normality to return very soon, and to resume learning my way around the nightsky. Sometimes it's really fab being a beginner in a hobby, because each viewing session is full of 'firsts' - first time seeing this, first time for that, and so on!
  7. Sounds like you had a fantastic viewing session, thanks for sharing! And Jupiter too!! I've not seen it yet, I'm hoping for that one soon!
  8. Thanks for your comments everyone! Although I've had an interest in astronomy for years I've only owned a proper telescope since December so everything I see is a 'first' at the moment... which is fantastic! There are sooo many beautiful objects to observe in the sky! PS Mark I'll try M67 next time... thanks!
  9. Thanks everyone, it was a beautiful sight! I think what made it more impressive at first was the fact after locating it in the finder I placed the 10mm eyepiece on the scope by mistake, instead of my 25mm. I normally start with the 25mm to make sure I have the object in view then change if needed. I've been telling everyone I know today!!!
  10. After observing Saturn tonight I wanted to investigate the fuzzy patch I could see, which was Praesepe according to my planisphere. After checking it out on Wikipedia I now know it to be the Beehive Cluster. It's very pretty but I think I need a lower powered eyepiece to see it better. I used a 25mm on my Skywatcher.
  11. I know a million threads like this already... but I've just seen Saturn for the first time eveeeerr!!!!!!
  12. Ben478

    Hello from Portugal

    Bom dia Rui! Welcome to the site!
  13. Oh that's great thank you. I heard a time of around 11pm to midnight so I was thinking it may be two or three hours after to be higher in the sky? But rising at 21:35 I guess around midnight it should be easily visible? Why 3:30 though??
  14. Sorry for the basic question peeps but what sort of time is Saturn rising (in the UK) at the moment please? I'm keen to see it soon for my first time....
  15. Nice images! I love your avatar too, very cool!!
  16. Wow thanks guys for your replies. I'll shall try to look for the Flame nebula on my next session in that case and see how I go! ottUp that image is beautiful by the way!!
  17. Ben478


    Hi John and welcome!!
  18. Καλησπέρα!! Welcome to the site!!
  19. Thanks guys! But the Horsehead is within a larger nebula, is that right? But still dark I guess if moonlight is interfering?
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