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  1. Hi all! I have 3 ES filters (UHC, OIII, H-Beta) for about a year, bought them in summer 2014. I use them in 12" and 16" dobsonians. Overall, the OIII filter is much more in use than others. Sadly, but there is no other filters to compare around me. My friend ordered Astronomik 2" OIII, but it somewhere in the way to us, need to wait. I found, that UHC is relatively wide in light transmission, but seems it works in my light polluted sky (SQM20,5) or i don't know how good UHC filter works.
  2. OK, thank You! Next week I plan to order one of them, so I have little time to think. I have made measurements with SKY-L meter at my garden - it shows something around 20,5-20,6. Yellow zone according this map.
  3. Strange. I can't edit my post just after few secs after i sent it. Anyway, here is Unihedron SKY-L photo.
  4. Thank You! Moonlite is excellent focuser, no doubt. But... What is your opinion about this Omegon Low Profile Crayford 199 EUR vs Moonlite 317 EUR? Now on Orion OTA i have this Crayford, don't like it. For ATM project better to find something other, in my opinion. And, Unihedron SKY-L arrived . Tonight is clear sky, i will make first sky measurements with it.
  5. SDV

    Hello Everyone!

    Thank You for warm words! Actually, in Latvia there are no places with complete darkness, but we try to find best of what we can. Situation is a bit better, then in Western Europe, but our very flat relief do not allow reach better transparency (no high hills or mountains), comparable difference is not so good, as map shows.I attached light pollution map, usually we try to observe in grey to dark grey zone, but of course, some observings was done in very light polluted places.Second file - funny screenshot from sat24.com made exactly before observing, when the first attached photo with pictured 16" was done (first post here).That night was with very unusual sky for Latvia (pink dot - my observing point, approximately). Although, some little haze was in air that night, transparency was not perfect, but close to. Milky Way was seen almost until horizon, may be just last 10-15 degrees before horizon loss some contrast.I ordered SQM device, it's coming, soon I will know light pollution/transparency more precise.Very long text for me... Many mistakes... OMG..
  6. SDV

    Hello Everyone!

    Thank You! I will write some words about my 16" ATM project soon. Yes, we have some so-so dark places. But, actually, climate is not very good - mist and haze rise very often and clear sky is rare event in Latvia. But we are happy with sky what we have. Sergey
  7. SDV

    Hello Everyone!

    Hello! My name is Sergey, I live in Latvia, Riga, Baltic States.I've been in amateur astronomy for some years, starting with Bresser 8" Newtonian / EQ5 (sold), then continue to 12" Orion SkyQuest Truss Tube Dobsonian, and then I jump in ATM 16" project, which I finished nearly two months ago.I attached 2 photos, one ATM 16", second - my 12" Orion, which I plan to rebuild soon.I know, I have funny and jockey English, sorry for that .I hope, i do not harm anyone here with my grammar mistakes...Good Luck to everyone and have a nice day!
  8. Hi Mike! Thank you for your reply.I do use counterweights in my current 16" setup. Actually, I'm very happy with this solution. You can see this in the last photo - stainless steel bars attached to the top side of the mirror box. It is not a very big problem to install them before use and remove after. I use 2, 3 to 4 bars, about ~1,45 kilo each. This allows me very flexibly regulate tube balance.In 12" project I plan to use something similar. So, focuser weight is not so critically important.Although, the Moonlite focuser comparably light - about half kilo, as written in specification. Sadly, no info about discussing helical focuser.I found some articles about helical focusers, seems there is is some problems, mainly dirt on threads, as i understand. But this Omegon Helical looks like new version... The question 239€ for Omegon Helical, or 317€ for Moonlite Crayford. After some hours reading topics, seems Moonlite is more preferable choice.
  9. Hi all! My name is Sergey, I'am from Latvia, Riga, Baltic States. Recently I have finished my first ATM project - 16" Dobsonian, made from Explore Scientific 16", although there was used only main mirror from ES setup . Some pictures are attached.Now I'm starting a new project - 12" from Orion Truss Tube Dobsonian, the idea is to make more compact and lightweight setup, then now it is. Not super-compact, like Obsession UltaCompact, something in the middle between them.I want to ask your opinion about focuser for my new project.In 16" I used Moonlite 2" Crayford. Everything is OK, it works very well, but for the new project I consider something other and cheaper .I think about getting new Omegon Steeltrain Helical focuser. Anyone have any information about it? And, also what you think about that kind helical focusers?Of course, if the helical focuser is the wrong way, then I can just order Moonlite Crayford as I did before.Thanks,SergeyP.S. Sorry for my funny English, i was lazy in English lessons 25 years ago
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