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  1. I was going to make a quip about meccano but who would have expected the Spanish Inquisition.
  2. Can't remember how to edit a post: TELSTAR, sorry I was looking at the picture and not reading. Another hint at their age perhaps.
  3. I like to bodge... 35x60=less than 2mm exit pupil, probably stopped down so perhaps 1-1.5mm. The item in question looks quite sturdy in the photos so may take some serious bodging. I presume the item wasn't expensive so either a bodge will sort it or you have a load of optics to play with (the objectives and eyepieces could be surprisingly good). Collimation could transform them. The leather strap gives their age away (and the solid build). Can you post a picture of the writing on them? I'm sure someone else will be far more knowledgeable than me. 35x60 sounds interesting...
  4. +1 In my (heavily) light polluted skies I tend to look at solar system objects. I mentioned I use my high power eyepiece when seeing permits but in reality I sit looking at a highly magnified image hoping for a moment of clarity. Have you tried double star observation? It's fun, will test your kit (including oculars), your observing skills and collimation of your 'scope. Good practice for that moment when Jupiter/work/cloud/seeing/commitments/etc. come together.
  5. You make a good point. With my OMC140 I use the supplied 25mm plossl and a barlow, plus a standard 40mm plossl but for high magnification (when seeing allows) I spent good money on a Vixen LV 7mm (280x).
  6. If this is the one you're looking at it seems a great deal http://www.telescopehouse.com/acatalog/Revelation_Photo_Visual_Eyepiece_Kit.html This is pretty similar http://www.firstlightoptics.com/eyepiece-sets/celestron-eyeopener-eyepiece-and-filter-kit.html And both come with Barlows. The Celestron one comes with a 6mm but the Revelation has a niftier 32mm...
  7. At this time of year in the UK the ecliptic is low down in the sky (better than June though). Saturn is very low in the sky at the moment. With so much more turbulent air to look through things always look more blurred. Also in the evening at low altitudes the heat of the day is rising from the Earth also ruining the view. With a 200mm reflector 240x is easily within reach when the sky is cooperating. Thankfully the nights are drawing in and the ecliptic is rising. I'm looking forward to Jupiter in the New Year, nice and high in the sky
  8. That's exactly what I was looking for too. Thanks.
  9. I've had the same problem with the Skymax90. Hopefully the dovetail for the ST80 will work but I doubt it. The Celestron Skymaster Tripod has an adapter that would work but I can't find them sold separately. It is possible using the short dovetail bar and tripod attachment screws but it's far from ideal and not very secure. The only other solutions are buying tube rings or taking the stupid "upsidedown" dovetail off and bolting a dovetail on. Still not ideal. If I find anything I'll let you know.
  10. "Art is what I say Art is": Marcel Duchamp.
  11. White Lithium grease is a popular choice. Usually available from bike shops. Alex
  12. I'm in the Liverpool /Southport area. Can't help with any other shops I'm afraid. In the last "few" years most of the camera shops that stocked Astronomy gear have closed. I like shopping in person. Even when shops were open they were reluctant to order things for you. The mantra was "It'd be cheaper on the internet y'know". Even when I'd offer to pay in advance, wait til they put their next order in or offer to pay for delivery they'd still: "eeerm well..." I know Astro stuff is quite specialized but I do miss proper shopping. Mouse clicking and mail order isn't much fun but I think it may b
  13. The mantra is "Aperture is King". However: 10 inch vs 16 inch: 16 inch is over twice as bright. 12 inch vs 14 inch: Hmmm... the 14 inch will be a bit brighter but not much. If the size and weight of a 16 inch put you off, I'd go for the 12 inch and save £400. Just my 2p
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