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  1. Rapidray


    Welcome to the SGL! There is a lot of great information here! enjoy.
  2. Welcome to the SGL! You will learn a lot here! As you already know...lol;)
  3. Rapidray


    Well hello and welcome to the SGL. Clear skies in the near future as we are both sharing the same storm for the next couple of days.
  4. Welcome to the SGL! Enjoy and clear skies!
  5. Hello and welcome to the SGL! Nice set up you have there!
  6. Welcome to the SGL. As you can tell you are very much like a bunch of other people here ,,, truly a small world!
  7. Welcome to the SGL! Getting the whole family into this hobby is great! Time well spent for sure.
  8. Welcome to the SGL. I have been weathered in the past couple of nights and expect to be shut out the next 3 nights! but wait, that means I will be here! enjoy!
  9. Welcome to the SGL! I like your birthday present to yourself....helpful hint...I have a lot of birthdays...or what ever the reason!
  10. Welcome to the SGL! Clear skies!
  11. Welcome to the SGL! Great image and look forward to seeing some more of your stuff!
  12. Welcome to the SGL! When it's cloudy...I am usually here learning new stuff! Great place.
  13. Welcome to the SGL, Enjoy you night viewing!
  14. Welcome to the SGL. Lot of great information here.
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