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  1. The histogram shows the three colours quite far apart.. Without filter in its normal.
  2. Canon 60da and CLS clip filter I'm finding the images of Milky Way are saturated in red. Is this normal and how do I best adjust in photoshop. Anyone have any advice.
  3. Why is the bubble level on ioptron skyguider in such an awkward place,you cannot get a proper look right above it. Would the levelling slightly out explain why after a while polaris through the guide scope doesn't match up with new position compared to the app ? Anybody else having the same problem ?
  4. Advice on purchasing a zoom 70-200mm f2.8 or prime 200mm f2.8 for dso with canon 60da lp filter. Unsure which to go for,prime or zoom for the main dso that would be achievable to image using ioptron skyguider.
  5. Anybody using this yet ? Plan to use it with canon 60da and canon 200mm 2.8 and samyang 24mm 1.4
  6. Tried it and its fine with uv lens on. Lot of difference in results for Milky Way using 60da rather than my unmixed 700d.
  7. Can anyone tell me what Astrophotography I could achieve with this set up. Dso in fairly dark uk location
  8. I have the canon 60da with an astronomix cls-ccd clip filter and samyang 23mm 1.4. On the end if the lens I have a kenko mc uv filter Just for protecting the samyang lens front. Will it make any difference to my photos leaving this on for astrophotography ? Any replies greatly received
  9. Hi All Thanks for replies.I have seen Tanakas youtube posts.Have looked into subject and realise very short exposures with zoom lens. Will be purchasing a tracker soon,just a mount for dslr not really looking to going into telescope in foreseeable future. Maybe I-optron sky guider,anybody using that ? How hard is it to actually find dsos in the night sky ?
  10. Are there any dsos that are feasible to image using just a canon 60da-200mm f2.8 or 300mm f4 lens and lp filter on a static tripod and stacking software. I usually head for Winchelsea beach for astrophotography of the milky way,still a begginer in this subject but looking to find other objects to try.
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