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  1. Ok thanks i had a bunch of flats taken at an exposure which is peaking at about 70 - 75 % of the histogram so i will experiment with those. Cheers Ian
  2. OK i have had a look on the web and whilst finding lots of advice on what sort of ADU Range to aim for on Flats havent found how i actually work out the ADU count. First time trying flats and I have taken a number of flats at different exposures to see how it all works etc. but not sure which are the better one to use in processing Flats are Canon Raw files is there any freeware that can tell me the ADU count of the raw image, or can i determine if the exposure is correct by looking at the histogram, Any advice greatly appreciated! cheers IAn
  3. In the Raw/FITS settings for DeepSkyStacker, under Raw you can add a value to adjust the Red and Blue channels relative to the Green, by default these are 1.00 but the DSS help says put in values suitable for your Camera. I assume these values compensate for the lower efficiency in the blue and red pixels (as there are half as many of these as green) but thats just me guessing. So question what values are correct for a Cannon 40d? cheers Ian
  4. Thanks for all the advice i have re-calibrated monitor etc, and reprocessed. The new image is below. I am a lot happier with it, both from the detail side of things and color (though what would i know lol) i still think its quite blue ...prob lots and lots still to do but am going to leave this for now until i get more data to add.. Anyway additional comments welcome
  5. Ok looking at this image now on my work monitor which shows quite different from my home monitor.. it looks a lot more purple and green than at home which is more blue and yellow. I will have to look for some calibrated images that you mention to see if i can sort the color balance on the monitor at home (its and old LCD) and redo the processing, ....it also doesnt help that i also have red/green color blindness
  6. 10x5 min subs no darks flats bais etc. Canon 40d and C-80ED on sirius eq-g, guided Toucam Pro II using PHD. (Which seems to be working brilliantly atm) DSS for staking and Pixinsight LE for DBE, processing and noise reduction ( I used a couple of masks for this one normal luminance mask for NR, second was specific NR of the blue channel which seemed especially noisey), final tweaks in PSPX2. Compared to my first go at andromeda a couple of weeks ago this second attempt is a big improvement but still a long way to go! but I happy that I am starting to get some details coming through. Hopefully in the next few weeks i can get out and grab a few more hours worth of data to add comments welcome cheers Ian
  7. Ok i just started guiding and tested out on M13 10x3min subs all went fine no problems with the guiding ( i did run some 4 and 5 min subs but LP was an issue) I also had 30 mins of M13 data from earlier in the year unguided 45sec subs Anyway attached is a composite, showing the processed stacks of the 10x 3 min subs, 40x 45s subs, and finally all the data 1hr stacked. Thing that got me is how similar each of the image sections is, i assume that as M13 is so bright that there isnt much advantage of going longer on the subs, but anyway was still suprised at how similar each section of the image is.
  8. I've had my 50mm 1.8 for a while never come across the problem with front/back focus. I do make sure that the AF point is set to a single AF point only and that AI Servo etc is off so can half depress to focus and then recompose without AF refocussing when the shutter is pressed. Ensures that the DoF is where I want it and not somewhere unexpected. For the price been very impressed with the lense yes its flimsy, and the motor is noisy, and the manaul focus ring is small and thin and not brilliant but the images are just superb for Sub £80 its stupid not to get it.
  9. Ok not in the same league as Olly's superb image, this is my first attempt at Andromeda C ED80, Cannon 40D, 40 x 45 sec subs @ ISO 800, 2 Darks. I am assuming that the diagonalish noise running from top left to bottom right was due to shooting through high thin cloud which was blowing across in that direction and picking up light from london? does that sound correct? At some point i will also have to start thinking about flats as on this image Dynamic Background extraction didnt seem to work so well, any good easy to follow guides about which explains how to take flats ? Any comments welcome...now all i need is another 10 1/2 hours worth of data
  10. Dr Dixon


    Thanks for the comment i use the align RGB channels already , i had another go at this, slightly different more color and different crop,
  11. lol................whole new Member Photos Gallery..eeek doesnt bear thinking about
  12. Dr Dixon


    This is about 30 mins of data on M39, (45sec Subs, ISO 800, C-ED80, Canon 40D). I am struggling a bit with the processing as there was a lot of information and going too far on the curves brought out a lot of background stars swamping the structure of the cluster so i have knocked it back to keep the background in check. Also feel the colour is a bit lacking too, (is there a way to increase the intensity of the color in Pix Insight LE?) comes over a bit dull. And recommendations for settings in DSS? i just took the default settings
  13. Managed to get round to redoing this image so now should be in the correct orientation...
  14. This is my first Prime Focus DSO and it was my first time out with the canon 40d. Took a while to get setup on the laptop esp. with tripping over cables ! Taken on Friday July 24th (24th was also my first jupiter as well so a busy evening) Equipment was unguided Celestron C-ED80, Orion Sirius EQ-G, Canon 40d (2" MaxDSLR adaptor and 50mm extension), mask for focusing via live view, I did approx 10x30s subs @ ISO 100, 10x30s @ 400 , 5x1min @ ISO 400, 5x1min ISO 1000 Cloud spoiled a number of the subs as it rolled through and a planes took out another couple as i live in Chobham, Surrey and heathrow isnt that far away, so altogher about 15mins worth I stacked each ISO separately , then ran them through Pix Insight LE for curves / histogram adjustments. Three images blended in PSP X2 to give the final image, ISO 100 for the M13 core, 400 for the mid region detail and 1000 for the outer edges and NGC6207 Comments and tips welcome as i never know if i over cook the processing
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