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  1. Ok thanks. I was hoping another DSLR would do it but obviously not. I have a few spare DSLRs that I use for time lapses but looking at the cameras you linked they look quite specific for the job.
  2. Thanks all. Thanks. Aviemore born and bred but I live out in the mountains in the middle of nowhere now by Kingussie. Yeh Loch Morlich is one of my favorite locations. I have had many good shots from there of star trails over looking the ski resort with a full moon to light up the scenery. That's the main reason I want to try astro photography more with all the dark skies near me. That does look a nice set up. When you say "another camera to guide the scope" what sort of camera do you mean? I'd be willing to spend around that sort of price. I've just recently restored an old MK2 Escort to rally spec so i have gotten out the red with my bank lol
  3. Hello, this is my first post on here. I'm 25 and live in the Cairngorms, Scotland. I've been doing photography for about 13years now and I own a Canon 5d mkiii with a wide range of lenses. I want to start taking my night photography to the next level and attach my DSLR to a telescope and some sort of tracker to get close up shots of a nebula for example, but to be honest I don't know where to start. I've love shooting at night to get milky way shots or star trails but I feel the need to try something new to me. This has probably been covered a lot on this forum but it's easier to keep track of your own thread. Basically I'm not the most clued up person about astronomy and I'm after some material to read and practice with to give me a better idea of what's actually up there and where/when to look. Also with mounting my DSLR to a telescope, what would I actually need? I'm after a telescope and some sort of tracker, plus anything else I will need. Regarding my budget I am unsure of because I don't know what I'm looking for yet to get an idea of prices, but it's something I want to stick with and keep at it. I feel I'm capable enough for the technique behind getting these sorts of shots. I mainly need help with finding the right stuff to do the job, setting it all up and getting better knowledge of the night sky. Any advice from you lot would be much appreciated Sorry if I sound pretty clueless, as I said I'm not very clued up about astronomy but it's something that's always amazed me and willing to learn.
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