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  1. Hi, I go travel by motorbike to France and Spain and thinking of buying this scope. I see you don´t use a finderscope, does that work fine?

    \\ Wim

  2. Clear skies in Sweden. This was by far my best Jupiter observation. Io and Ganymede in front of Jupiter and their shadows easily visible on the planet. What a great hobby
  3. Nice scope! Just wondering about the focuser, is it all in metal or do they use plastik?
  4. Just wondering, why do they sell magnets for iphones, isn't that the same thing?
  5. Ok, I take velcro! Thanks for the quick response
  6. I want to put a magnet on the hand controller so it sticks to the scope. Just wondering if a strong magnet can do any damage to the controller?
  7. I have the Baader Zoom and the Baader Aspheric 36mm and I can heartily recommend this combination
  8. I bought for my daughter (7 years) a Skywatcher 400/80 Startravel on a AZ3 mount. Looks like a telescope shut look in her eyes and easy to use.
  9. I would like to use a filter wheel on my scope. Problem is that my TAL hasn't enough inner focus. Is there something I could do about it?
  10. Has anyone experience with the Skywatcher H-Beta?
  11. Very nice observatory. But Leiden and light pollution? I am originally from Venlo by the way.
  12. Hoi Ruud, en welkom! I also love the silent beauty of the night!
  13. Thanks for the tip! Seems quite easy to fix.
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