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  1. 3 days to go, then about 18 months of data to consume till NH next encounter with a Kuiper Belt object, clear skies.
  2. Now with 7 days to go maybe we should have a poll! Do you think Pluto should be reinstated as a Planet or should it stay a Dwarf Planet along with the others?, clear skies. :grin:
  3. What ever they are we should have a much better view in 10 days or so,clear skies.
  4. 14 days to the closest approach of New Horizons(Australian eastern standard time). It's nearly party time, clear skies.
  5. I can't comment on the price or warranty issues, but I can tell you I'm a very happy and satisfied owner of a Canon 70D. It's a great camera for whatever application and I can recommend it without hesitation, clear skies.
  6. NASA are very mindful of the other 4 moons( there could be more) as they could have rings made up of debris left over from some ancient collision will require course corrections and some good steering. It is getting very interesting with less than a month to go, clear skies.
  7. I have neighbors either side and two over back fence all of which are friendly and keep to them selves. On my southern horizon in my neighbors corner of their yard was a ever growing tree which was becoming a problem as its roots we're pushing the fence over, this had gone on for decades which obstructed my view south limiting time to polar align( I live in the southern hemisphere) then a little over a fortnight ago an east coast low pressure system formed on the coast close to me and dumped 400mm of rain in two days and winds up to 135klm an hr. Consequently the said tree fell down taking out the fence landing on a shed, destroying an aviary and smashing a chook house and run. Fortunately the insurance will take care of any repairs and I've lost that beautiful tree on my southern horizon, clear skies. :laugh:
  8. These next few months are going to be exciting and interesting and we are down to just 70 days, clear skies. :grin:
  9. So I thought I might expand on my last post and ask you what exited you when you first started the hobby? Was it Jupiter or Saturn and her rings, maybe the Moon with its many features, or a deep space object like the Orion Nebula M42 or M13. Maybe its Solar observing or Spectroscopy, a Comet, the list is endless, so what lit your fire,clear skies. :grin:
  10. Well that's a great response, I noticed a lot of comments about the Moon landings and the space race through the 60's, I also followed this with a great deal of interest and excitement, I remember the day Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the Moon and took those first steps onto the Moons surface, right there live on a fuzzy black and white TV viewed by the entire school , teachers and one transfixed 14 year old who knew this was the greatest event in history and an absolute inspiration to me. Also there is a theme running through the comments of having taken the hobby up at a young age only to drift away for a few decades, but then to return with renewed interest and passion which this hobby seems to instill in us all. Please continue with your very interesting stories from which we all will be entertained and if any visitors to the forum should be inspired by our reminiscing , then we would have accomplished our aim, clear skies. :smiley:
  11. G'day everyone, who or what inspired you to take up amateur astronomy?Was it a historical figure or a influential relative,teacher or just your own curiosity? Or as a child did you stumble across astronomy only to drift away when other adolesent interest arose, but came back later in life? I started out as a teenager of about 13, bought my first telescope at 15, carried on for a couple of years then suddenly found another nocturnal activity, only to come back later in life when in a better financial position and having shed those earlier distractions. So whats your story, any of those, or something else, so why not share with me, after all no one else will read this, clear skies. :grin:
  12. Naf

    Martian Glaciers

    I think we're enduring the quarantine now while we gain the knowledge and maturity to go forward, you know for every one that thinks we can't do this there's a dozen who know we can,clear skies. :grin:
  13. Naf

    Martian Glaciers

    G'day impactcrater, I think your idea of developing the infrastructure and envoiriment ready for the colonist using humonoid robots is a great idea, but I really believe they are a long way off being intelligent enought to do it without human hands on guidence, so we are going to have to risk a few of us. G'day Steve, the Earth will be affected by the Suns expansion long before Mars, so we are buying time only. G'day Cath, your spot on , but to achieve colonization of another planet we are going to have to do just that, learn how to take care of this one, and I honestly believe we are headed in the right direction. I think the fact we are having this discusion is very encouraging, I know it will take far greater intelects than ours to solve the many problems this venture will create but we are going to be behind them, .....pushing. Clear skies.
  14. Naf

    Martian Glaciers

    The end of the Earth will begin in around 1 Billion years(1000 million years) at which point life on Earth will cease to exist, so we really need to develop the technology needed to leave here forever, there's no looking back, that we can't change, but the futures there for us to mould into a human oddessy to the stars, clear skies.
  15. G'day, there's an article about Glaciers made up of water ice(H2O) in both the northern and southern hemispheres of Mars. Enought ice to cover the entire suface of Mars 1.1 meters thick, this may be very usefull in tereforming Mars in the near future, article on Google+ astronomy and telescopes for you, clear skies. :grin:
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