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  1. That's a great news! I always had a problem with that, thanks for sharing.
  2. It really is Great Image, very nice result!
  3. Well done! Amazing work you must send it to APOD.
  4. Great capture of the crater, loads of details!
  5. Great capture, Love the details on the rings! Did you use any filters? I wonder how many details can you get with an IR filter.
  6. Amazing details well done I am stunned that you used only 190 frames to stack!!
  7. The funny thing is that I also used the 600D, but after I got the ASI I started to capture only with the ASI. I used firecapture - just used Roi on a specific location, zoomed and focused. But sometimes (depending on the seeing) I use in firecapture the option Focus-Help it can be very useful. Ilan
  8. Excellent mono/color combo! great work. Ilan
  9. Stunning result! looks very natural! I wonder if you can measure the height of mountains with this picture Ilan
  10. Well done! very good start especially with a DSLR, It's pretty tricky to get the full moon without losing some bits I know there is a mosaic helper in the EQmod project It's might be helpful. Ilan
  11. Thanks for the kind words everyone, I'll try to make a map from that. I used the ASI120MM with the Skywatcher 200p
  12. Ohh and I used the ASI120MM with the Skywatcher 200p. Ilan
  13. HI all, It's been a LONG time since I posted here, mainly because of laziness . Now that the semester has ended I've got lots of time to capture the skies... The mosaic is a composite of 12 Pans, 2500 frames in each AVI (1800 stacked). Stack in as!2, wavelet in registax 6 and stitching with Microsoft I.C.E. Any advice or comments are welcome, Ilan
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