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  1. Great, thanks for that Darrell - didn't even think about tilting the tube down.... appreciate it
  2. Still relatively new to viewing with a 'scope, so am I doing this right ? A couple of nights ago I was out viewing Lovejoy for just under two hours. I noticed on moving the set-up back into the shed a thin film of condensation had formed on the outside of the tube. I therefore left the eyepiece 'guard' out of it's housing and also one of the caps to the 'scopes lens cover off - this in the hope that any condensation that may have formed inside the tube could dissipate. Is this the correct way to look after the telescope or have I dropped a clanger here.... ? Many thanks in advance for your advice
  3. Thank-you, that's really good to know. I had a good view of it on the evening of the 6th - similar to Ludd's picture- but as already mentioned here, the Moon was so bright that night Fingers x'd for a clearer spell ahead
  4. Even though it's now moving away from us, when the Moon's out of the way in a couple of days, will the comet be more observable before month-end (depending on the weather of course) ?
  5. Great - thank-you for the feedback; I do have an O-III filter so that's a step in the right direction. Just need the dark skies..... Cheers again p.s. @ Steve - just noticed your location, I'm over in Orpington; you know when I say 'dark' skies ? We can only dream with all the light pollution we're blessed with....
  6. .....if/when there's a clear night, of seeing The Veil with a SW130P ? I picked up in one of the forums here that this is a sight to behold and although I'll find out soon enough - weather permitting of course - I was wondering if this is an area that requires a larger 'scope to fully appreciate. And going off at a slight tangent, is this the kind of area that would benefit from the use of a filter ?
  7. Just thought I'd report back with a heads-up on my initial Barlow question. I was on the point of sending off for the Revelation when during a search for a decently priced supplier I stumbled across a review for a lens from a German-based company called Seben (selling thru' Amazon). Anyway, took the plunge based purely on customer feedback and tried out their x2 Barlow for the first time last night. Result ? Best £15.99 I've spent in a long time. Yes, that's not a typo for the price and I know it may be a case of 'get what you pay for' but truly, it does the job admirably. I know there's going to be far better quality items out there but this I believe has sneaked in under the radar for sheer bang for your buck as a solidly built lens producing quite amazing results. I'm grateful to reading posts here about beginners not going mad with buying different sized eyepieces and just going gently-gently as newcomers feel their way about the skies but felt it worth bringing to the attention of anyone else also starting out and who may be on a budget (or not !). With last night's clear and relatively dark skies, views of Saturn in particular were quite superb used in conjunction with both the stock 10mm & 25mm that came with the 'scope. Looking forward to discovering what else is out there (once the weather has cleared again of course.....)
  8. To use the current analogy, 3-0 so far then...... thank-you for the feedback so far, really appreciate it
  9. I know there are probably 2x Barlow lens' out there that are going to be better than either of these but of just these two, which is the better (for use with a SkyWatcher 130P) ? Revelation Astro 2x Barlow or SkyWatcher 2x De-Luxe Achromatic Thank-you once again in advance for your thoughts
  10. The instructions for setting up the Sky Watcher 130P state that one should find the centre of balance point of the tube and ensure that that point is centred between the two tube rings. Straightforward enough. I've done this for both my own and my daughters 'scope (which is the same type). Unsurprisingly, the balance points are identical. The thing is, of all the photo's I've seen of this 'scope, the tube rings appear evenly split 50/50 whereas the best way I can describe ours is that they are more of a 33/66 split. Does this sound right ? I guessing/hoping that the 50/50 shots are more aesthetically pleasing.... Last thing I want to do is overstress any part of the tubes..... Thanks in advance
  11. Well, I'd just like to say a big thank-you to everyone who's been kind enough to comment - I really appreciate it. I think in light of what's been said I'll be making a 'safe spot' in my shed (which is handy as I've recently had a big clear out ). Not being too sure if this was a goodl environment, looks like it's an ideal place. I have a feeling I'll be picking your brains again very shortly about a couple of things so bear with me and my thanks again
  12. This is my first post in the forums here, even though I've popped in quite a few times for a look around - so if I may start off by saying "hello" to everyone I was wondering if you could offer any advice on potential outdoor storage please. Although a long-time viewer of the heavens using my 20x80's, I've just become the proud owner of a Sky Watcher 130P. What I hadn't quite bargained for was it's size; to me, it's the reverse of that old addage when you hear people say "you're not as tall as you look on the tele......" - I'm quite surprised at how large it all is when set up. So, my question is, can one - or does anyone - store a 'scope outside in a weather-proof and insulated storage unit ? Or is this a flat no-no ? I realise it's not ideal but needs must..... Appreciate any feedback and my sincere thanks in advance.
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