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  1. Yes The weather,i have only had about Five Sessions this year as the weather has been absolutly terrible nearly every night clouds for the whole year.
  2. Ok then it is my workflow probally because we havent had a clear night here since january,this was the first time since then and i got the Workflow wring.I tried stacking in dss but it found too few stars Even with the slider at the very left 2% it wouldnt stack but i normaly use PI probally forgot somthing anyway thx for clearing things up. Toni ps @wxsatuser what debayer did you use RGGB?,it's been so long since i last did any processing that i cant rember.
  3. Hi,Does anybody know what these coloured splotches are,they are on every light tht i took. Here is a screenshot Info : Scope Tecnosky EDT 80, F/R 0.8 qhy183C 10x 120sec lights no darks,bias or flats as it was 3/4 moon and i just recieved my usbfocus i thought i would set it up in sgpro thinking it would take hours to get it running but to my suprise i had it going and focusing automaticlly within about 45mins so i did a few images this was taken after the moon was very low and behind me all the street lights where off ,i ve used the camera before and not had this problem anybody got a clue ? staraligned and stacked in PI then ABE ,ST then i get this here is a link to the lights https://www.dropbox.com/sh/trrzmh98xdwu0ua/AAB9PRXRLog3DTGLi0HIBqRUa?dl=0 thx in advance Toni
  4. Hi Luis, Thanks for the info,i have tried my 183C on both usb 3 and usb 2 also with a active usb 2 cable bit still get download hangs.This problem was never mention on the cloudy nights beta testing thread but i dont know if they ever used sgpro i have tried sharp cap but as i have a licensed sgpro and maxin dl i would like to us them if only for the platesolving and seqeuncing. I hope the sort it out soon as i bought the camera to replace my nikon and i hate using my mono with all the fuss taking lrgb lights. Toni ps I take it that the Qhy183c and the Qhy163 use the same Ascom driver as i have looked at both and they appear to be the same for both cameras.
  5. Just the standard cable that came with the camera,on the qhy forum they have released a ascom driver update today that might solve the problem (i hope so as it is frustrating to have to sit in the freezing cold -10C at the moment and babysit the computer). I thought it might have been my usb port but as others also are having this problem i have ruled that out also my other qhy camera and my dslr work fine. it might be a sgpro problem but i cant post on the forum as i have deleted the log files because i reinstalled sgpro thinking that might help. Toni
  6. Hi did you sort the hanging downloads problem in sgpro,as i have the qhy183 c and i have the same problem with the download somtimes it is fine then it hangs and i have to abort the download. Toni
  7. sri cm should read mm, I tried with and without the ff/r and with and without the 47 mm extension using the full travel of the focuser but could only focus with a 90 mm extension of course i could use somthing like a 60 mm extensionbut then the focuser is extended further out of the tube ( read somwhere it is better when it is not ) Toni
  8. Hi, just bought a new cmos Qhy 183C (great service from Modern Astronony,odered Monday had it in my hands Wedensday uk to germany in 3days) Anyway after attatching it to my scope a Tecnosky 80 EDT triplet i was shocked as i could not reach focus with a 45 cm Extension tube and the focuser raked all the way out to the limit about 70 cm's, had to insert another 45 cm Extension tube now i can reach foucus with the focus tube at 32 cm is this normal 90cm Extension tube. Yesterday we had a clear night was expecting weeks of cloud (new kit) so went out set up took ages as sgpro didnt want to plate solve then i had to restart the lappy and even though it was disabled windows 10 did a update 40 mins of my life wasted anyway around midnight got 1 hrs worth of data of m45 then i had to pack up ( work in the morning) if the data is good will post a image when i get time to process it. So how long are your Extension tubes would be intresting as it seems it is not a Standard. Toni
  9. As a beginner myself i image using a dslr and also mono ,for a beginner i find using a dslr is far easier in setting up, imaging and stacking than mono.Using a mono with a FW you have take your L,s then a set of RGB's refocusing after each filter change then take your darks then your flats for each filter, align and stack each set seprately before u get a coloured image, OSC is simpler take your subs, flats etc and align and stack bingo. The quality of the data maybe better using mono but the effort using a dslr against a mono is simpler and for a begnner mono will be daunting and frustrating as i found out and still do especially when clouds roll in in the middel of a lrgb set then you have to wait days till its clear again with OSC at least you have a coloued image. just my 2cents worth Toni
  10. Balance is hard to do on the Dec as it is well known that the AVX suffers from stictation in the Dec axis so needs a hefty push other wise it just stays where it is after i lightly push it so im never sure if it is balacned properly in dec.Ra is ok i can get it so that it stays still in any Position,cables are not loose and hanging. I tried drift aligning a few times but dont seem to get the hang of it as i havent got a south veiw(trees). I have a tasco 66 might try that as guide scope see if it makes a differnce. Toni
  11. Hi,I was guiding in phd2 with a 60 mm guide scope and a qhy5ii camera,the guiding was up and down sometimes off the graph,i use pole master to pa,phd2 tells me pa was something like 148px off ( whatever that means).I found out later that the two allen screws on the mount had worked a little loose so that might have had somthing to do with it, though i have never had a flat graph since i started imaging last year but the stars have allways been round uptill now. After i tighten them up i did a lrgb of m74 with 2min subs guided graph up and down but round stars,not processed m74 yet but the subs look okay. Toni
  12. Hi this is my first image that i think is worth posting Tecnosky 80EDT Ts F/R 0,8 Nikon 7000 Lights 38 @ 35 sec iso 1600 Bias 10 no darks or flats no guiding (had to switch it off it was all over the place) processed with pixinsight following warren kellers book inside pixinsight Comments and Tips welcome Toni
  13. Hi,is the firmware up to date,i seem to rember that there was a problem with the older firmware when slewing to the planets,do'nt know if it effects your scope but it might be worth a try. Toni
  14. Thanks russp,can I ask what os you are using as i tried it on my windows 10 laptop and it just Crashes,I used the celestron driver in both wifi scope and sgpro also the telescope simulator in both aswell but as soon as i start wifi scope it just crashes at a loss what to try next. Toni
  15. Hi can somebody help me ,I use skysafari pro with the skywire,I have recently started using SGPro for imaging ,I have read that you can use the skyfi modul in combination with SGPro and skysafari,how would this work as the skywire or the skyfi modul plug into the handset of the mount so i cannot plug in the cable that allows me to plate solve with SGPro,or will the WifiScope from Main Seqeuence allow me to plate solve etc as i was thinking of getting the skyfi modul any clarifaction would be greatly appreciated. Toni
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