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  1. Absolutely correct. Some people cheerlead so hard for their favourite brands that you'd be forgiven for thinking they were actually sales reps for the company. These people never miss an opportunity to bash any "rival" model, brand or manufacturer, going so far as to knowingly repeat false information about them. It's crazy. Like that saying, "It's not enough that I win; others must lose!" People need to understand they can be satisfied with their choice of equipment without having to make others feel dissatisfied with their own.
  2. Ah. So it doesn't have the built-in functionality of TeamViewer or VNC, etc. Pity.
  3. TeamViewer and VNC (as well as several other remote control apps) permit things like file transfers etc. Does Remote Desktop offer the same functionality? I've only rarely used it, mainly because I couldn't figure out how to do anything other than start remote apps and similar.
  4. It certainly doesn't look unlike one. A very interesting and attractive bit of gear, though, and being red means it must go pretty fast. The chatter on the Australian forums is pretty positive. There are quite a few EQ8s under the stars in Aussie now and the owners seem very pleased with them so far.
  5. Stephen, there must be hundreds of the Orion Atlas version of this mount in use in the desert states of the USA and I've never heard of any of the owners reporting heat-related issues.
  6. The EQ8 arrives downunder. http://www.iceinspace.com.au/forum/showthread.php?t=108249
  7. The EQ8 arrives downunder. http://www.iceinspace.com.au/forum/showthread.php?t=108249
  8. Stellarium version 0.11.4 was working fine but I made the mistake of upgrading to version 0.12.1 and that was the end of Stellarium for me, as it refused to load beyond the splash screen, no matter what. Nothing could get the latter to run on any of my computers, so I downgraded back to 0.11.4 but that refused to work again, even after registry seek-and-destroys and fresh installs. Luckily there are around 50 other apps that do the same job at least as well, if not much better! (XEphem, Cartes du Ciel, HNSky, C2A, WinStars... The list goes on.)
  9. These mounts have been stripped and honed by owners ever since they first appeared, even before Beevo published his superb and much ripped-off guides. As you discovered it's not difficult to do if you have the right tools for the job and are careful. You'd have to be staggeringly unlucky or a bit stupid to really make a hash of it.
  10. Yep, that crunching sound is perfectly normal stepper motor noise. Nothing is grinding or being damaged. I've yet to hear any EQ6 that doesn't sound like that.
  11. Awesome! And those look a lot like Sky-Watcher counterweights but with a bigger central hole.
  12. You can do spectroscopy with an email client, now? That's awesome!
  13. From what I've seen written about this scope at IIS, CN, etc it's a GSO f/4 with a Keller corrector.
  14. Stars and planets last a long time, by the standards of life. It's a numbers game. The number of galaxies; the number of stars in those galaxies; the percentage of stars that have planets; the percentage of planets in orbits suitable for Life As We Know It; etc, etc. It's a big number. Still, somebody has to be the first.
  15. Probably they refer to any kind of electrical emission generated during the Industrial Age.
  16. See a nice (2 megabyte) picture at the link below. http://jackadam.net/misc/radio_broadcasts/radio_broadcasts.jpg You can see just how far our man-made signals have propagated in the last 200 years. And bear in mind too that beyond a few dozen LY, those signals become undetectable because their intensity levels falls below that of the background noise.
  17. Even when a signal is very strong, the receiver must be relatively close, or else that signal will be utterly lost amongst the natural background noise, as per the inverse-quare law. Assuming there are and have been many intelligent species beyond the Earth (and yes, it's a big assumption, but nevertheless...) they will likely be spread over distances and therefore time, so I don't think that's as big an issue as you may believe. The problem is, as stated above, the inverse-square law, which essentially says that unless the source is very nearby, any signal radiating from it will soon be lost, no matter how sensitive the receiving equipment being used. People often repeat the old myth about little green men being appalled by Hitler opening the Olympic Games, but that scenario is only possible if they are close enough to be able to differentiate the signal from the all-pervasive Cosmic static. We're only talking about 50 LY or so. If they were that close, you'd think we'd have noticed by now. That's true. But the odds do seem to favour the existence of a fairly large number of intelligent ET species, and that would suggest that a few of them will probably like to tinker with gadgets.
  18. Inverse-square law It's why radio-based SETI is almost certainly a waste of time and effort.
  19. Thanks ever so much. This has nothing to do with "personality" First, large scale spamming is hard to ignore, and second, most everyone here has explained your errors to you. You mean the way we have been? You know, all those highly specific replies you continue to ignore? You and Percival Lowell would have got on well. "May"? "You mean the way we have been? You know, all those highly specific replies you continue to ignore?" That would mean something if you weren't merely trolling.
  20. The Equinox 120 on an EQ6 is a brilliant combination.
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