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  1. I purchased a Celestron CGEM DX 1100 HD Telescope in April. Last night I set up to do a 2 star alignment but as I plugged in the hand controller it failed. All it will do is display an error message "Boot Loader Invalid Package: 0080". Has anybody else come across this problem and resolved it? I have tried all of the obvious things. I contacted the customer service of the supplier from whom I bought the scope and they advise updating to the most recent version of the software, but is there anything else I can do? Any advice would be very gratefully received. DaveL
  2. Hi White Dwarf Thanks very much for the guidance. I believe you have got it right. The seeing conditions are not good where I live and I am looking out over my house which is probably giving off a lot of heat. I need to find somewhere with darker skies. As my scope has a focal length of 2800 mm I also need to get a suitable eyepiece in the region of 10mm. Much appreciated. Dave
  3. Hi Nebula Glad I am not the only one. My CGEM DX1100 HD is doing the same thing to me. I just cannot get it to align properly. Please tell me you have now got the hang of it now. I can see Mars but its just a tiny orange vibrating blob. Not what I was expecting. Guess I am at the bottom of a very steep learning curve.
  4. Hi folks just thought I would say hello. I am a beginner in astronomy but have followed the stars in my back yard for years (decades) and have watched nearly every episode of The Sky at Night. Dear old Patrick is an inspiration and now that I have time and a little money, I have invested in a Celestron CGEM DX 1100 HD, a Canon EOS 60Da and assorted bits. Got a hell of a lot to learn and at 65 time is running out. I hope to get a lot of advice from the lounge and hopefully can contribute something too. PS I did put a hello on the lounge somewhere a few days ago, but in the wrong place (hopefully this is ok) .
  5. Sorry, I should have mentioned I have a Celestron CGEM DX 1100.
  6. I am having some trouble with alignment. I can polar align ok using polar alignment scope however, despite carefully following the setup sequence I find that when I select the first star in a two star alignment (usually Arcturus at the moment) the scope moves to a blank part of the sky some way off. Should I then release the clutches on the scope to roughly position on Arcturus and finish with hand controls to finely centre the star in both the viewfinder and then the scope itself? Any advice would be very welcome, I have carefully checked all settings so its not something like misselecting a city or daylight saving.
  7. Hi Matt I have a Dell Optiplex 780 with 4GB memory and a 64 bit operating system. Currently using software that came with my Canon EOS 60Da camera. Very much at the early stages of learning but have captured some images of the moon that are passable and a small fuzzy image of Mars. Biggest problems seem to be alignment and magnification.
  8. DaveLowe


    Just joined the forum and I have just acquired a Celestron CGEM DX 1100 which I intend to use it with a Canon EOS 60Da (also acquired) . I find that I am on a very steep learning curve and now know why experienced astronomers advise us to start with something we can handle and add more sophisticated equipment as our knowledge grows. Looking forward from learning a lot from others on the forum and hopefully being able to share some useful advice too.
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