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  1. Hi John, I am using Kstars/Ekos and would like to be able to control my HitecastroDC2 focuser controller I purchased recently. https://www.hitecastro.co.uk/index.php/products/item/hitecdcfocus Unfortunately the existing HiteacastroDC driver in INDI doesn’t work with the controller I have which apparently even in ASCOM needs a different driver from the driver of the earlier HitecAstroDC focuser. David Brennan from Hitecastro explained the following: "I think it will be helpful if I explain the difference between HitecDCFocus and HitecDCFocus2. HitecDCFocus2 was produced to enable people who want to use 2 hitecdcfocus units at the same time. HitecDCFocus2 has a different USB identifier so that it can be used alongside a standard HitecDCFocus. In other respects they are exactly the same. You can of course use a HitecDCFocus2 as a single controller too.” I am inclined to think that the INDI driver HitecastroDC was based on the HitecDCFocus and that this may be the reason why it doesn’t work with the more recent HitecDCFocus 2. I came across this thread about the software you wrote for the Mount Hub Pro from Hirecastro. Although I don't have this item and I only need to control my focuser I was wondering whether you could adapt your program so that it would also work connected to my HitecastroDC focus controller 2 without having a Mount Hub connected. It's a bit expensive to purchase just for the sake of using the focuser. I am not a programmer and I admit that I don’t really know how much effort it would be to adapt the driver so it would also work with the HitecDC Focus 2 only but could I ask to have a look at it. I can imagine that there will be more users that would be helped by it. I have asked Hitecastro itself for any information which I could relay to anybody willing to look at the code of the driver but haven’t received any reply yet. I understand from my earlier mails with them that they don’t offer any assistance for OSX users as their software is Windows oriented. I have also started a thread on the INDI forum but also without any replies so far. I read from earlier threads that the HitecastroDC driver is now part of the INDI core. At INDI they told me to put my request on github.com/A-j-K/hitecastrodcfocuser/issues which I did. The hardware is fine as it works correctly with Backyard EOS which is Windows software. In other words I’m kind of stuck at the moment. :-) Any help would be appreciated. Kind regards, Robert Temmerman
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