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  1. Eq5 battery pack with lead attached wanted. I have the motor and controller that comes with it, I just need the actually battery pack as the wire has snapped right at the connection on mine. Alternatively if anyone knows where I could get one please let me know. Thanks, Gary M.
  2. Interesting, I thought it was meant to be a single duck! I kind kind of see one... maybe my brain seeing what it wants to see.
  3. Ah you are right! Not sure how I got that wrong as I had to look up where to find it on stellarium! First time I have ever seen this one, nice one to view visually too.
  4. M11 The wild duck cluster in the constellation Scutum at around 30 degrees altitude from here in Runcorn, England. Skywatcher 1000/120mm & Canon 100d. 30 secs, iso 800. Cropped a little and levels adjusted in PS6. (Edit: M11, not M22. Thanks Steve.)
  5. M57 the ring nebula, a planetary nebula in the constellation Lyra. Skywatcher 120mm & canon 100d. 30 secs at ISO 800. Levels and curves adjusted in PS6.
  6. Captured using Lunt 35mm, 2x barlow and Lumenera 2-1M. Stacked in Registax6 and some post processing in PS6.
  7. Few small prominences on Sun's eastern limb yesterday 02/02/18. Lunt 35 mm, 2x barlow, 9mm eyepiece and Samsung A3 handheld. Hoping for a better shot this week but forecast isn't looking great here.
  8. First quarter Moon (almost) captured with 120mm Skywatcher refractor, 20mm eyepiece and Samsung A3 handheld.
  9. Waning Moon captured using Skywatcher 120/1000 mm, 20mm eyepiece,and Samsung A3 handheld.
  10. Waxing Moon 30/01/18. Samsung A3 handheld, 120/1000 mm Skywatcher refractor and 20mm eyepiece.
  11. Captured using skywatcher 120mm refractor (F8.33), 2xbarlow & Lumenera 2-1M back on 12.10.2017. Best 75% of 1386 frames stacked and sharpened in Registax6 I was hoping to get a spell of better seeing over the holidays but it hasn't happened. I might post some from last night anyway but the seeing wasn't great.
  12. 7 panel lunar mosaic from 12/10/2017 captured with skywatcher 120mm (F8.33), & Lumenera 2-1M. Best 75% of 1150 - 1350 frames were stacked for each of the 7 panels (frame rate kept dropping) then sharpened in Registax6 before stitching them together in PS6 using the photomerge option.
  13. Thanks Guy I'm just looking on the MPC astrometry guide where it says not to check residuals until after submission, I wasn't aware I could check them for my location at a specific time. I'll have to look in to it. I've still not had much time to do any astrometry between summer, weather and computer breaking down! Got my MPC code almost a year to the day of submitting these observations too. I think I best do some practice measurements on low numbered ones again and check residuals once I know how to. Gary.
  14. Hi guys, I sent in astrometry for (3122) Florence the other night, I'd had to wait two weeks for a second lot of observations due to weather. The morning after I sent them in my data for the night before 15/09/17 was up on their website but not the observations from 31/08/17. Any ideas why this would be? Not updated older observations yet, not needed, just incorrect somehow? Gary, Runcorn Z47
  15. White light solar image with active region AR 2665 visible on the disc 09/07/17 13:37 UTC Skywatcher 120, Canon 100d, Herschel wedge. 1/2500 sec exposure at ISO 100. Levels adjusted and sharpened in PS6.
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